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Mind Body Spirit Festival - Colchester
Date: 16-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Date: 09-Sep-2021 7:30 PM

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Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Attunement 2 Day Workshop
Date: 23-Oct-2021 9:45 AM

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Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioner Course
Date: 12-Nov-2021 2:00 PM

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Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course IPHM approved
Date: 27-Nov-2021 10:30 AM

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Date: 03-Apr-2021 10:00 AM

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Date: 29-Sep-2021 9:00 AM

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Date: 02-Oct-2021 9:30 AM

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Chelmsford Mind Body Spirit & Wellbeing Festival
Date: 02-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Chepstow MBS
Date: 02-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Berkhamsted Mind Body Spirit Show
Date: 02-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Matlock Mind Body Spirit Event
Date: 09-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Witney's Psychic & Wellbeing Fair
Date: 10-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Spiritual personal development on-line zoom course - 8 weeks - pay as you go
Date: 12-Oct-2021 7:00 PM

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Hypnosis Training Course
Date: 13-Oct-2021 9:00 AM

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The Sanctuary MBS Spiritual Fayre
Date: 16-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Mansfield MBS Show
Date: 16-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Exploring Past Lives
Date: 21-Oct-2021 7:30 PM

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Thame Psychic & Wellbeing Fair
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Metaphysical Self Evolvment Blog

Date: Sat,05 Jan 2008

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Many people are feeling changes within their consciousness at this time in our evolution. 2008 is predicted to be an enlightening year for many of us. If this is feeling uncomfortable for you and you would like some answers please add your comments or questions on this blog page, which has been set-up to help, assist and support people on their spiritual pathway. We will try to give you some answers if we have them. If not maybe someone out there can help?

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Brenda Grubb said:

We would like you to run your finger over the window pane of your life, as it is lead at this moment in time. Doing this, you will then move away the surface of film built up through the current atmosphere in which you live your lives. We want you to unveil the True Glory of the being you really are; this is indeed the right time for this to happen. We want to guide you to the true essence of YOU. This can only be accomplished one step at a time. To concentrate on the Inner Self just now is truly imperative; therefore it is vital for your glorious future; a future which most definitely is possible to live out whilst upon this Glorious Mother Earth.

This period is to be seen as just that - a period in the history of Mother Earth,; also of her inhabitants. To pay attention to the finer details just now will be seen to pay dividends a later date positive Love and Light is all around the channel as we pass through this little message just now for all to read, and for those to absorb in the quantities in which they are capable of taking into their psyche’ when most appropriate to do so.

From one point of view, the physical; Material World consists of merely 10% of the entirety of existence; so we have the other 90% to attempt to enlighten you to, it is your make up also, not just of ours; who live in the finer frequencies of your Local Universe.

As the light of the universal truth enlightens the mind of our channel we can in fact pass much more through at the right moment. As you know by now, life is truly as a hologram, all within your individual energy centres. So, in truth you should have no real need of this contact as you each one could sp very easily reach this stage of development your self.

The Light around this channel is also around you all. You are mostly not operating to the frequency needed for this type of contact; maybe you personally could not accomplish this, but we speak of those who are only recently able to live out their lives as an ’adult’, therefore would be able to attend the groups and circles to train their young brains to receive the correct pulsations involved in this process.

What we are now asking, through our channel, is that there be prepared such places to bring this understanding to its ultimate conclusion - yes! We are well aware that there are indeed some already ’up and running’, however, it will be found that some of these will be needing to be upgraded in order to cope with these young people. This is precisely why we are attempting to encourage many to turn inward to find the necessary ’tools’ they do possess deep in the energy centres known as the chakras.

There is indeed much, much more to the chakra system than is currently thought. This is because life moves through the lower levels in a sequence of procedures, and we can not ever, override them for we need to ensure that all is revealed to the lower levels with the complete original intentions, to those they are originally intended for.

We send our Love; Light and Truth to you , as we also place the required Light quotient around your Light Body, as you read and absorb these few words we have been able to transfer through to you at this moment in time - Bless you all in your progressions.
Wed,09 Sep 2009,22:39:53 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

I just want to let you all know that the more aware I become about the varying ‘Inner World, and of its dimensions the easier I am feeling about all this ascension business, and of my part I am playing in the events being now rolled out in the general mass consciousness of life as it is lived on the day to day living on this glorious planet at this period in time. It has to be stated here and now that the very acts of Channelling, and of my trance work has been the main catalyst for this higher understanding I now have.

I do therefore think that it al adds to the beautiful process of the ascension, and of the part I am playing - the reason I am coming out with all of this is hopefully to give someone some inspiration of some sort, and much needed encouragement as we all move forward onto a finer aspect of our true natures.

Also, I feel that all we go through in the process of living our daily lives, regardless of whether or not one works consciously // purposefully with the spirit world or not; for we all do interact with it when in our sleep state anyway - I feel most strongly that the atmosphere; and situations & conditions surrounding us, gives us the much needed nourishment and the right kind / amount of ’fertilizer’ needed for us to flourish into our new consciousness. I think I’ve said somewhere before, that to be true to ’US’ / OUR PERSONAL, AND INNER SELF FIRSTLY, will most definitely bring us easily into this new state necessary to carry us all forward into the ascension proper, not just speculating about it all; but to put these theories to the test of ’actions speaking much; much louder that just words’.

Consider for one moment of stepping out onto a sheet of tissue paper, you may psychologically feel it cannot possibly be supportive to your new life style in any way, but through the knowledge / faith built up through the work we have all accomplished with our guides and helpers, we do it anyway! Lo! And behold we find it works so well. Anyway; I hope all are well, and I ask the Archangels to place your quota of Light-body around you each one as you read this today Love and Light to you all J xxxxxxxxx J
Mon,07 Sep 2009,19:17:48 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

We are now entering the stages of great and lasting change on earth plane. This means those of us who are to stay the course, and see it through to the 'end', will be needing to change course regarding the way we view the world, and the views we hold in regard to those we interact with. I am a great and grand optomist of life; thinking that wherever there is life, there has to be hope - hope that the positive energies will prevail throughout existence, and have a fair share in the way life is conducted from the point of view of those who are in some degree or another decreed to assist in the day to day running of life within the structure of earth plane.
We all need now to think long and hard about ourselves, because of the very fact that it is our own self becoming charged with the energies of the future life on earth plane just now. It is we who are to create the future life simply because we are here. We can and often do get waylaid by the small things in life which attempt to stop us from reaching the fullest potential in this particular incarnation. It is the mind that gives us the motivation to acheive anything, so, as I see it, it would be the mind which some would consider the greatest danger to their goals; in capturing the pure minded souls, and preventing them from reaching their individual targets - To be forewarned is to be forearmed after all. It is our responsibility to understand these things; not necessarily to act upon them, but to keep them in mind. The truth of life is always so simple; so simplle that it is often missed, because we are lead to believe life has to be viewed in every which way, and analized to the 'nth degree first; believe me folks, there is none more 'simple' than I - Love; Light and Truth to you all(-:-)xxx
Thu,20 Aug 2009,03:20:13 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Well, here we are, on the cusp of a very exiting period for earth and all who live on her! Also a time when we can become a bit insecure at times. This can cause some emotions to rise to the surface which were not intended to rise; they come in many forms, and must simply be ignored as best as you can. Whilst those of us, who are able could, and should bring balance into whatever we are focusing our minds on. Balance in this world is very important in order for us all to 'go with the flow' of the change, and enter into our new awareness with hardly any thoughts as to what we are all leaving behind us; for we enter into a new understanding of; not only ourselves but of the totality of existence, we take a step upward; and this brings us into the bigger picture of life, but does not make us any greater or smaller than we were; everything and everybody surrounding us, we will find, has also been restructured onto its/their respective next level. So, we will continue with life, having adjusted into our new vibrational environment, and so earth will be that much lighter.

Although, as the lower vibrations rise, so will the Light also shine brighter around them, and all shall be witnessing the activities in their fulness; consequently will be in the expansion rate, much as we will be finding ourselves in. So can we all enter into the Light; Love and Truth of The Divine Grace which awaits us all.

As we do, we shall find that the 'work' we have so far acomplished will be seen as our training to make ready for this moment, and the work we now will be doing will be in the highest degree of Cosmic Light Quotient to which we can aspire.

In the space created by this Shift, will come much benifit for the future of the Human Race a a whole, which our minds as yet cannot settle into, but will do, in a grand and very positive energy rate. It will be seen as a very democratic process for the positive good of all conserned. Love; Light and Truth to everyone (-:-) xxx
Wed,29 Jul 2009,01:26:33 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Just lately I have been finding out things about 'ME' that I didn't ever think even were a part of my personality till recently! I guess this is a result of the energy shift within the Self; or; on the Micro level of ME! Now this is causing me to have a radical ovehaul of myself, or should I say the person I have always thought was me - for make no mistake about it, 'every fibre in my body is changing' meanig in truth that every single atom and every single molecule within my make up is undergoing the biggest transformation ever; as is everyone else(-:-) What a truly splendid time to be on this planet; so much is now becoming activated, both from within, and also on the Macro, or, outer structures of the Self. The changing energy patterns are causing challenges in the hearts of many, and for good reason too! All have become far too complacent in their attitudes to life; they have become totally divorced from their true roots; thinking themselves into a world where they have total control over events.

As we now become able to transfer from one state of mind and into another without the risk of being called 'loopy', or 'one penny short of a shilling' (my age is showing up now) the interpretation of that is:- 'One Pence short of an English pound coin' - so it is we can see things from an entirely different point of view than the one so often put across by our media; politicians; etc...etc....

Now is the time when we can and must learn to trust what we are getting, and put it all to good use in our own private lives. In this manner can we be as an example to those who are about to look to this movement for much needed guidence; and what will they be likely to find??? --- I'll let you answer that for yourselves(-:-)xx Now is the time coming when we are to be given the opportunity to show just what truth and justice resides in the hearts of all who have even just one inkling of there being Life Eternal, and of being able to purposefully prove it for all time, here I am refering to those Spiritual Scientists, who are just now hiding among the undergrowth of the Spiritualist Movement, peeking out every so often to see if the coast is clear so they can raise their heads and share their points of view with others of like minds.

These they find mostly within the Movement, because it is The Movement which has within all of the truth, on all of the varying aspects of existence itself! But wait! - Whats this I see before me? dissension in the heart of that which could quite possibly be the one route out of all this mess we find ourselves in. But of course, silly me! - there are those also deep within the undergrowth of our Movement who in their infinite 'wisdom' have no desire to see this come to fruition; so it is they who put the cats among the pigeons every time to see the Movement can not raise itself up to the heights it is intended to; now I feel we are getting somewhere - I think maybe it is time to cut a swathe through the undergrowth; letting some light in, and thereby allowing the Light of Divine Truth to shine through, making our Movement as clear as crystal to all peoples, so they may then make up their own minds, not leaving it to the muckrackers, and gossips, who, were they to be able to enter into the Olympics with their sport being catagorised as 'The Galloping Gossips' why! they would immediatly set up a World record for information to be carried in the fastest method this side of the Universe which would be of course faster than the speed of light itself !! Yes folks that is so true, and we should be justly proud of that?? - Anyway, thats just my thoughts on the subject and in no way a part of a conspiracy theory type situation(-:-)May Love; Light and Truth be yours, now and Always(-:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sun,28 Jun 2009,01:02:04 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Just in case anyone mihgt be interested, I am holding monthly meetings at our local Christian Spiritualist Church. They will be run on an Open Forum basis; whereby everyone will be able to contribute to the subject to hand, and put forward their own particular views. There will be a meditation based on the subject, and we will finish with a visualisation incorperating an Absent Healing moment before breaking off for the 'Munch & Mingle' time. Should you be interested you will find details up on the local (Essex) 'whats on' page. - Don't forget that every single cell in our bodies are undergoing the most rapid, and vigorous change, so we are all going to feel the results, and we, in our consciousness must leave so musch of what is 'us' behind us now in order to move forward into a new 'space; vibration; dimension; energy, or, whatever we like to call it! So lets all 'hold hands' and go for it!!:-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wed,27 May 2009,02:31:13 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Hya Guys and Gals, once again I have been working away with those who guide me along life's pathway, events happen that go a long way in assisting me in ways I can only think of as 'amazing; simply amazing' The most poignant are, I have come to understand, the most useful in my progression. Just picture if you will for a moment or two, that you are on the sea, maybe in a boat/jet ski, whatever, and you come across some piece of drift wood, or other form of redundant artifact, as you see it drift on by, you think that someone has been rather careless in the way they have thrown something away they no longer have need of. Then you continue on your way across the vast expance of water. Till at last you come into the harbour at your journeys end; here you take time out to stroll along the sea shore before taking yourself off home. You suddenly notice the piece of drift wood/artifact seen out upon the ocean, has now landed on the shore. This immediatly takes you back out to sea, and the wonderful time spent yet you are sad to see the article again, as it reminds you how careless some people can be without their realising it. Then you head for home and look forward to the meditations you had planned that evening. - You put some lovely soothing music on to suit the occasion, and sit back in your seat and enter into the most deep meditation you have experienced for a very long time; you begin to feel very 'fluid' within and find that your inner self is acting like the waves on the sea; drifting along, sometimes so smooth, then like a wind having ruffled the waves you become a bit 'choppy' and somewhat agitated, as you suddenly remember something entering your state of conscious awareness, something long ago forgotten and ; which you thought had been erradicated from your memory bank! however it is there once more, just like that article upon the ocean when you were on your voyage earlier. Now you cannot blame another for this particular item, for it is your very own to dispose of, what to do about it? It is causing a hold up in your meditation, so must be delt with correctly, else it will present itself later on in life - the only thing to do, is to enter into that situation once more thoroughly, entering into the emotional state completely, and as you go through it all, this time you are able to gather it all into one space, knowing there is a hot air balloon in front of you, and place everything in there, then slowly send it up into the finer levels of your consciousness, which will be able to adequately deal with it completely, thereby allowing you to move onward and forward in your development. - It is now when we are best able to deal with all issues which maybe preventing us from freeing up space in our consciousness, this making our conscience more able to attune themselves to the finer frequencies now coming upon us all! - God Speed you all in your dedvelopment:-)xx
Tue,26 May 2009,00:09:26 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

As this year progresses on, and all of us are being cought up in the changes more and more; feeling like we are as Dandelion seeds, and the wind has wisked us up and away from our cosy spot, and we are tossed about at the will of that wind before being placed in a new spot and then again we can regenerate ourselves, and those around us; but this time in a new understanding of just 'who' we really are on a much deeper; personal understanding of 'us'. Of course we would probably not recognise the new 'us' if we were to be given a preview; thinking that this could not be so, that maybe someone had gotten it all wrong, and we had been mixed up with another Soul on their pathway of progression.

This is to be the strength of the 'wind' that will come our way, and we all must take our turn in the transformation process of evolution. I have recieved sseveral understandings of this prosess, and am now begining to feel it being activated in my personal life - old ways of thinking will not fit the bill, neither can I think of continuing to assume thart all is as before; so I am having to change my thought patterns fast, lest I get myself in a right mess.

I find lessons to be learned now with practicly every breath drawn in; greater awareness is upon me, and therefore greater responsibility for my actions are now in sight on a far deeper level than ever I could have imagined. All is for the benefit of the 'new' me though, and so I welcome it all with arms wide open; as I am an eternal optimist it works very well for me - I learned long; long ago to tread only the positive pathway, and all will turn out to be of a very positive nature; no matter what the task set before me. So when asked by my Inner Guidence to 'boldly go where none other has trod' I do so without question, finding the pathway smooth and clear; knowing that I could not have thought it out myself; but by leaning forward into 'the unknown' with the absolute knowledge that it is the right thing to do, I, as the Daqndilion Seed will end up in the best place and which has been previously prepared.

I hope this has helped even just one Soul on their pathway forward - that is the intention after all! Love Brenda:-)xx
Sat,07 Feb 2009,21:08:20 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Hi Guys & Gals sorry fro the delay in placing anything on this blogofmine! however, I had to go onto another path to discover yet a few more items for the hard drive within!!
However,I would like to let you all know that I now am running a Trance circle, in order to assist with the forthcoming changes, we all are as cogs in a vast wheel, all gradualy coming into alignment, and as we do we all become more harmonious with the new frequency we find ourselves resonating on, therefore each cog that aligns into the new frequency so wil the wheel slowly align into the next 'phase' if you like of the earth plane - thus we will have played olour individual part in this process. My Trance circle will be on every Monday Afternoon, as from, as from the second Monday in November. Please contact me for details via email, or on 01702510249 - lovely to be with you all once again - lovely stuff Ian is doing a grand job - long may you reign!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXX
Sat,25 Oct 2008,15:21:28 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

They Run - Who Cannot See

“All of the leaders of mankind ran from earth as they saw the threat coming toward them. They new their time was up.

Alas, if they had a link to within their souls through their heart charkas, then they would have truly seen the Second Coming of The True Savior of Earth. Instead, they had fear within their hearts; this fear had a hold of all of their chakra system - put in place by themselves in the vain attempt to have complete control over, and above (in the etheric), the whole of mankind.

Through the grace of the Original Creation, there were those few who were of the Original Star-seed still within earth.

Now the earth had returned into their care and keeping, and once again they were being nourished with the Heavenly Manna provided by their Creator; The Creator of All Life.

The Savior of Earth entered in, through the Second Birthing Canal, set up in the Heavens by the One known of - until then, as Lucifer, who had by that time become a fully reformed Being.

Now he had come to fully recognize the Truth behind he wisdom of His Father, when He did by-pass him in favor of His Brother whom we know of as, Our Lord Jesus - The Christed One upon the earth.

Lucifer had very soon come to understand just how weak he had become as he saw what trials and tribulations his Brother willingly endured in order to save the True remnant of The Divine Star-seeds. He quickly realized the need to give assistance to The Christed One in His Hours of greatest need.

He spent his efforts in turning the hearts of those whom he had previously captured. This was the commencement of the period, whereby they Truly knew their time had come. Therefore, they had to make ready to leave the place which was fast becoming dangerous for them.

They attempted to ensnare the Innocents within the Age of Technology, which was instigated precisely for the purpose of the lifting away from the coming of The Christed Ones.

However, those Innocents quickly awoke to the frequency of the vibration coming through from the return of their Beloved Brother through the Star-gates.

The ‘captured ones’ tried their utmost to slow Him down whilst they completed preparations to escape from their fate, which would surely be whilst they remained within the confines of earth.

It was the ever presence of the Original Star-seeds, holding onto the frequency which included the Divine Star-gate, (Straight Gate of your Bible), that their attempts proved fruitless, and they eventually gave up - but not before they had successfully destroyed much of the earth. Thereby leaving most of the Innocents in utter chaos, and unable to follow them.

However, EVEN THEY had been brought into Being with the Original Intention. It would not be ‘TOO LONG’ before - one by one - from among the number of their ‘true devotees’, that the hearts of a few would begin to resonate to the frequency of the Original Intention once again.

In this manner were the creations of the followers of Lucifer - before he turned once more to the Original Intention - were to be sealed up for ‘all eternity’.

Meanwhile, the Original Star-seeds, having been fed and nourished with Manna, became once more in their Original and Pristine state. Ready again to answer the True Calling of The Mother/Father of Creation, as it was revealed to them once more. These attempts to divide, thus conquer the Original Star-seed, and trample upon them, by creating the duality in life, this would gradually be dissolved. From within, they would regain the Glory of their Originality. Also their unique ability to demonstrate the True depth of Wisdom to those who had stayed amongst them, but, who truly were those known of as, ‘Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’, and needed to be routed out before all were properly equipped to resume with the Original Intention.

The battle for the Universe had finally been won. Therefore the battle for the earth could commence, and the outcome of that was already, clearly decided.

There were indeed celebrations within the Divine Realms, these to be repeated among the lower-levels, at the most appropriate times; but not before the Innocents had been fully awakened as to the fullest extent of the Second Coming of their long departed Brother/Sister of the Original State once more.

May all whose eyes gaze upon these words be granted discernment of Creation each according to their ability, and the requirement of their spirit. To regain what has been thus far, hidden from their True Eyes.

Once having fully established strong links with the Divine Intention of Yourself, then begin the process of ‘weaning’ yourself from all unnecessary ‘external’ crutches, ie: “I want”- everything you will ever need is yours, and will be drawn unto you. Mobile phones, etc:.. ’entrapped within the Age of Technology’. When the Call to stop using them shall come from within, do please heed that Calling, it will come at the most appropriate time for you (once you have firmly established the full discernment).

The process of once again, regaining that which we have lost will come as and when, ‘those who do not see’ will have ceased to focus on the overall need to control, in favor of the need fro self-preservation. The relief this will bring is to reverberate strongly within earthly atmosphere. It may cause even greater ‘fear’, because it will be thought of initially as coming from an unrecognizable source. Forewarned is forearmed, by the Star-seeds who by then/now can truly hold the balance of life, in readiness for their Brothers return.

The need to loosen all ties with present systems cannot be stressed enough, because the more one steps onto the Divine Path once again, the less one will need to travel along the present system.

To answer the Call from the heart charkas cannot be emphasized too strongly. You are Truly to become a Master of your own Destinies from now on.

Either you can loosen all ties fro good, and consequently will join all other Star-seeds, or, if the ties are too great, that the need to continue to tread the,’now’ pathway is still with you, then you are likely to be treated as one of the ’wolves in sheep’s clothing’ and may be chased away. The time is now to know of these things.

Adjust your thought patterns onto the higher frequencies now entering into Mother Earth’s atmosphere via the Star-gates. Do this, and all will be well. Do not ssnd out waves of panic among people, there is enough for everyone to contend with. Calmly mention these things, as and when the occasion arises to speak of them. Treat ALL as Natural phenomena, which will always occur at the right time, and which will be accepted in the right manner, by all.

Close the door to fear, it is not for you. Sample instead the delights of the fruits of Heavenly Bliss. “Who put the serpent in The Garden of Eden?”

If ‘Eve’ were truly given knowledge, it would have been given to her from within, as is always the way betwixt The Creator and His/her Children The Star-seeds of Life, and it would not have been the cause of any anxiety.”

These words are given in guidance only through LOVE, and can either be accepted or rejected, according to the readers feelings.

Mon,12 May 2008,18:42:21 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

The Body of Light’
Newsletter for light workers in the field
(© Brenda Grubb 2008)

Issue 3 - April / May 2008

Lightwork is extremely sensitive, and very precise in nature; it involves a great deal of balance when it is carried out from within the domain of World of Matter Earth plane.
Balance is a highly developed skill from all quarters as it cannot ever be performed by JUST the Light worker, but needs teamwork from everyone involved; from every single vibration concerned.
This means the Light worker has to be aware of being a multidimensional Being; and of One of The Highest Orders within the domain of Earth plane.
Some of the channels within the Light worker concept become so emotional, it can unbalance them from the point of view of living a daily life on earth. This would cause them to raise the status of their immediate environment onto the threshold of having the correct conditions for added light to enter into the Lower Body and of its Energy Field.
Rarely do Light workers hold a particularly high Light Quotient in the present atmosphere which is vital at this present time; therefore having the status of a ‘Master Light worker’ who would lead many into the Light; which does currently surround them, but, who are, as yet, totally ignorant of the fact.
However, these folk are here,although hard to idedntify. They will come into consciousness as and when they are most needed. This is how the light has its influence within the psyche' of the human system.
Mon,21 Apr 2008,21:10:20 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

**Continued from previous posting - Brenda:)X**

Also, it seems we are all playing our part in the higher vibrations, not so noticeable by many; that being of the energies used by those we currently term as, extra-terrestrials, also the finer Angelic Realms.
Now, as with the physical World of Matter vibrations, the two frequencies of ’yin/yan’ Nature; or- positive & Negative; Good & Bad’ Whatever you wish to call them; the same method of dealing with these qualities will be sufficient no matter what the level be.
At the moment it is the Extra-terrestrials who arte making great strides in the contact with physical World of Matter earth. This is being shielded from general public by the ‘threats of terrorism’ etc:. As with other aspects of life, Extra-terrestrials is a terminology of life outside of physical World of Matter e are currently living in; there are myriad levels; each level is unique in nature, and should respect, and be respected by others.
They say, ‘to err is human’; however, once an awareness falls upon the consciousness, then comes the responsibility as to how you react to that awareness and it comes down to the ‘Personal Responsibility’ principle. Each are part of the human system, so are responsible for the manner in which the human system is to be regarded by all others.
Not all of life will become actively aware of these understandings, but will remain in ignorance , so will consciously remain within the constrictions of the World of Matter physical energies, and will be subject to whoever is in control of all earth energies.
As you can tell, there is so much to be gained by expanding our consciousness continuously, and understanding that we are therefore all responsible for what level of understanding is passed on, via the continuous streams of living Light we all represent within World of Matter.
Thu,17 Apr 2008,23:36:57 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Temple House, Ballyinacarrow, Co Sligo Eire
14 - 16th April 2008

“Dear Brenda, we are so pleased you are once more in our midst; you have special qualities and we miss them greatly. This time we are to set in motion an experiment. The only reason it hasn’t been attempted before now is simply because we hadn’t the right person to help us.

Dramatic changes are now occurring on the earth, and we are now wanting and wishing to take part; and by your very presence, we know our wish has been granted. I am now going to enlighten you even more by adding we are also wishing for your return in October. This is a particularly important month for us all here at Temple House because it is the start of great and lasting changes for us; and for you too. You will know more in time to come, when it shall be more appropriate to tell you certain things. Meanwhile just trust us all here - such a little word, but my! Its so very important. I know you are tired so I’ll communicate more later, meanwhile, God Bless you , love Jane and Family”
(Jane was a member of the Family who have her life in the act of caring personally for the local poor families at the times of terrible plagues in the area, she seems to be my main communication.)

(15/4/2008 @01.50)
“Dear Brenda, the real reason you have been called over here at this precise moment is two-fold:
1/.. It is becoming necessary to bring forward an exchange of energies in that part of the world in which you are living now, and using what is termed, Sacred Geometry’ is the way in which this is to be conducted. Very often this is of an un-conscious action on the part of the earth contact/channel, as the mind simply could not cope with the understanding of the action; although the Soul of the channel will have agreed to do it before incarnating to earth.
However in your case you can accept quite easily this knowledge, as you clearly understand the methods used in Spiritual Science; you are a true Spiritual Scientist in the highest meaning of the word. Of course you will also have an understanding of adding to your light quotient within the field of your light body. Yet another fact which is now possible to reveal to you is the knowledge that all of this is part and parcel of the ascension process.

We thank you for having the patience to allow all of this to come forward in this manner; simple, yet very profound in its nature. The wording used is quite significant, for it is in fact a natural process which is now upon the horizon of humanities consciousness.

The meditations are an important part of this process. In order to increase the awareness within peoples psyche’ there has to be a practical demonstration as well as the mental awareness. This then will activate the lower body into the awareness of it all.”

14/4/2008 - (my notes)
Tonight at Dinner, I was aware of being seated at the same position in which my daughter was when I took the photograph of them last October-(See ‘Ghostly Apparition’ photo)- At the same time I became aware of a swirling energy around my head, then I noticed the size of the flame of the red candle in the candle stick upon the table, it was about two inches in length. This was not my imagination, as I actually felt the swirling action within my aura. This has served to emphasize the understanding of events being imprinted in their positions as they happen.
Another ’strange’ coincidence was that my two Dinner companions both came from Florida; which was included in my ’distant meditations’ experiment; and represented a physical connection to that area. They were from the North of that state.
(nice one ’guys’). It is all helping to stabilize in my mind exactly what is going on; and just what an important role we are ALL playing in the program of the Great Shift in consciousness of the planet earth. Also it does emphasise the vital importance of ‘going with the flow of our feelings - our ‘gut / Solar-plexus’ feelings more on a day to day level; this is yeet another ‘Brain’ we are to use in the future as the ascension program comes more into the daily life of us humans living within the human system of earth; I have been told it will be (for me) ‘slow but very sure’ ; which it is.

(Tuesday 15/4/2008 @ 08.35)
This morning at breakfast, I was sitting in the same position at the table as last night at Dinner; I noticed a gentleman to my left. He was wearing a uniform from the Napoleonic era; of dark green coat with heavy brass buttons on the applets on he shoulders; on the sleeve cuffs, as well as down the front of the coat. He had a sword on the right hip, held in place by a thick leather strap from the left shoulder; passing over the coat, and down to the swords scabbard. The coat was longer at the back as in a tail/coat, and he had a black hat on, it was tall, but I could not easily define its detail. He had white tight fitting pants on with long black riding boots which were very highly polished.
In the manner of a true gentleman, he welcomed me to the house, adding that he was looking forward to working with me.

During the 11/12 noon meditations, I was aware of a woman in an apple green silk ’day dress’ which had white lace cuffs at the sleeves, and white lace also on the collar. She wasn’t very tall, with light-ish brown hair, in ringlets.

After the meditation was over, I heard Jane again; “ Dear Brenda, you are here because we asked for your assistance in a very charitable cause knowing you are not a part of our physical family; yet still thinking of the spirituality of the person and therefore within your soul is a unique arrangement whereby no stone is left unturned in an all out effort to put things to rights - this is what you are doing here.
The days of turning on those who cause such aggression within, and giving the sword to them are for the most part over; but not the energy which gave rise to these occasions it is still around. It will be, for as long as the thoughts within which do feed this energy still are able to rise to the occasion.
One of your gifts/talents is to be able to transmute energies from one thought and place them onto a far more pleasant level; lets put it that way - certainly things do happen when you are around, and this is good. Hold fast to this gift, it will serve you well.
The spirit within you is evr seeking to conduct this energy exchange wherever it sees the obvious need.
Although we are not going to divulge any information to you, it is true these talents are needed right now. We are looking for some form of solution to our problem right now through your own higher self qualities. We see these qualities as being in greater quantity that in most other persons. So it is then that you are able to work directly with your higher self. There is a great need for this happening right now.”this time I was aware of there being a crowd of people, all in party type clothes, and I was aware of them telling me their names, they are:-
Jane; Beatrice; Alexander; Alex; Annabelle; Ann; Rebecca; Charlotte; Dennis; Eileen; Elaine; Trevor; Frederick; George; Henry; Laurence; Michael; Phillip; Pamela; Ronald; Rachael; Rita; Sally; Timothy; Thomas (Tommy); William; Walter.

(On the train heading for Dublin, return journey, 16/4/2008)
I am being inspired to keep returning to Ireland; two places are very prominent ; Knock, and Temple House, it is, I am told very important in the scheme of things just now, as there are so many changes. It has everything to do with energy exchange; and on more than one level of vibration it seems there is more than just the physical involved.
The physical part is played out by my having visited at Temple House; the next vibration and the Astral is having made contact both mentally and from the photograph, physically with those who have lived their physical lives in Temple House.
Also, it seems we are all playing our part in the higher vibrations, not
Thu,17 Apr 2008,22:53:01 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

The Body of Light’
Newsletter for light workers in the field
(© Brenda Grubb 2008)

‘Distant Meditation”
There is to be a ‘distant meditation held between anyone who feels it would be for them to participate in, and Temple House’ Ballyiniacarrow / Ballymote, County Sligo, Eire.
On Tuesday, 15th April 2008 - the first will be held from:- to 12 noon; the second one:- 22.00 to 23.00. I will be also meditating at the other end.

The reason for this, is Energy Work through the Higher Self only, and will not involve the lower conscious, just reading this , and thinking it would be a good thing to do will be sufficient. The Higher Self in each participant will ‘do the rest’ However, it will I expect be interesting to you if you did pick up any of the energies It is, as with any other such project an experiment, the results may, or may not be revealed to the individual - hopefully you will gain something very positive from this!!
Love; Light and Truth to you all XX
Sun,30 Mar 2008,11:22:40 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

The Body of Light’
Newsletter for light workers in the field
(© Brenda Grubb 2008)

‘Distant Meditation”
There is to be a ‘distant meditation held between anyone who feels it would be for them to participate in, and Temple House’ Ballyiniacarrow / Ballymote, County Sligo, Eire.
On Tuesday, 15th April 2008 - the first will be held from:- to 12 noon; the second one:- 22.00 to 23.00.

The reason for this, is Energy Work through the Higher Self only, and will not involve the lower conscious, just reading this , and thinking it would be a good thing to do will be sufficient. The Higher Self in each participant will ‘do the rest’ However, it will I expect be interesting to you if you did pick up any of the energies It is, as with any other such project an experiment, the results may, or may not be revealed to the individual - hopefully you will gain something very positive from this!!
Love; Light and Truth to you all XX
Sun,30 Mar 2008,11:20:15 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

The Body of Light’
Newsletter for light workers in the field
(© Brenda Grubb 2008)

Issue 2:- March / April 2008

Once you have received your personal Light-body (and there is NO mistaking when you have received it!) Then this is the time when it becomes possible to make added progression, which otherwise would be unobtainable.

In order to obtain your True Light-body, you would have to undergo an ‘initiation’ type process. Although in Truth you will already have the right to it - but must prove your right from the World of Matter, earth plane - simply because the Law of Free will being in force.

In order to become eligible for reveiving your Light-body whilst within the World of Matter, you will have to prove the fact that you have - in EVERY way - overcome the lower-self; most importantly that of the Ego. Now, just because it would be your own opinion as to whether you have overcome the lower-self and Ego, doesn’t necessarily mean this is the opinion of those who have overall charge of The Light-body, and how it is to be conferred upon a Soul within World of Matter.

Often it is that points of view regarding these such matters will be as a mirror image, or, negative before the photo has been developed. Therefore, it would be impossible to see the same perspective whilst still within the influence of earth plane World of Matter. Therefore a complete surrender of the lower-self and Ego is most vital in all cases BEFORE a decision can be made which would in ANY WAY come close to reflecting the opinions of those of The Council of Light.

Light-workers on the earth are akin to the Generals of the old time Battles who used to camp in a safe area, nad away from the Battle lines; instead, waited for news of ’the Front lines’ from the ’runners’ usually on foot, or on horse back’ Except for now, they ARE the front line; let me explain:- There is a phrase known of as; ’Squaring the circle’. What this in simplistic terms means:- The circle represents Eternal Life; whilst the square represents World of Matter; Physical and therefore non-eternal life. There are some whereby the overall aim is to ’capture the energies within the circle, and make it fit into World of Matter energies ; therefore the ultimate goal is that there would no longer be a physical ‘death’, or, a parting of the spiritual-eternal life from the World of Matter, non-eternal life.

The Light-worker today, has the unique privilege of being in the ‘front line’ of this process in the practical sense.

As each individual becomes imbued with the conscious light-body, so the process of ‘squaring the circle’ begins with the varying bodies surrounding the individual concerned; who is then responsible for transferring Light through their own physical lower-self consciousness. This will in itself, become an appendage to the multidimensional consciousness of that individual, and add to the progression of that Soul’s existence.

At the same time as the Light-workers are undergoing this process, so too, are those who are working from within the World of Matter energies, who have no links with the Light in a personal way; and are having to work on scientific experiments in order to hopefully reach the same goal. Irt will be seen as a fact, that the two will be working toward the same goal, but that the square must succumb to the circle, eventually, if they are to be a success.

However long the experiments go on for, the end result will be a percentage of World of Matter energies which will in fact become eternal, therefore the whole structure of existence in whatever shape or form, will be eternal; and so ’death’ will be no more, it will be as a Fairy Story.
Sat,22 Mar 2008,22:55:42 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

‘The Body of Light’
Newsletter for light workers in the field
(© Brenda Grubb 2008)

Issue No:1 9th March 2008

Dear Fellow Light workers,

This is an attempt to assist those who are feeling desperately ‘alone.’ Even though there are friends & family within our orbits, they are not necessarily on the same pathway, so cannot relate equally to our needs; and as it is for us, at present within earth plane dimension and understanding a bit of a choppy ride at times; it would therefore be unwise to meet up often - unless it be for the requirement of ascension ‘business. This is to come I feel, but for now I am feeling VERY inspired to write this, and see how it is received, and of the consequent results in the lives of the individuals I am inspired to share it will at this moment in time.

This is part of a program being set in motion for those who are meant to receive this, I do know, and have been told by inspirers that in order to fully accept our roles in life, it is important not to draw close to each other unless we are fully conscious with, and are within the light of our Higher-selves, else, I am led to believe there is the distinct possibility we could become embroiled with the lower-self energies, which would tear apart our higher-selves. I am told to put this statement in here so we are all aware of exactly what the situation is for us all. However, it is ’on the cards’ to arrange a meeting in more conducive energies. Quite what this will mean I have yet to be told. As you know it all comes in on the ’as & when’ basis; this is for our safety, in order the lower-self cannot intervene.
This is the opening issue; as well as the first footing in the foundations of a new project which will be of benefit to those who would derive most benefit.


From Brenda
[email protected]
Tue,11 Mar 2008,10:58:29 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

(10/3/2008 @ 03.47) - "This is the night of the Big Storm, and there will be flooding in several places; but I am not afraid for I have myself survived many floods, when I say, survived, I mean my soul survived, otherwise I would not now be in a communication with this lady. There were many of us who were termed as casualties. It not only took my life, but the life of my dear little hampster, whom I called 'Gerry'. He was such a wonderful little friend. I might almoist be able to call him my 'soul-mate', we were that close.

When I arrived over here, I never thought I would ever see Gerry again. I always thought that all animals had their own Heaven; but no, it is not so regarding your pets. They are there waiting for you, like they would be when you come home from school, or if you were adult on earth, from work. Depending upon thedegree of love there would have been on earth; the closer they will be seen to be when you arrive in Heaven; like it was with me and Gerry.

I 'felt' him there even before I 'arrived' as I havent got a physical body now I find I am free in other forms of 'knowing'. Like, just knowing what you are thinking and not having to wait to hear it came out of your mouth, things like that. Ido htink those people who are blind, or deaf, should be shown how to do this, it would make their lives so much easier.

This lady is now asking me my name. Well, here I call myself 'Spring Flower, as that was my favourite time of year, when DAddy used to bring Daffodills in for the vase on the sideboard; but I don't care to think about before then just now, as i am so enjoying myself here, I am in a school where all the other children have names fo flowers too; so we all get on so very well, and we don't fight or equabble over silly things; like who has the best Mummy and Daddy ever, or, whose Teddy is the nicest. So I am very happy , thank you fro asking lady.

I have got a lot to learn. We do keep the parts of our minds working thatr were working on the other place, earth; but it comesout much easier. We don't have to struggle to get through all that heavy stuff we had to carry about with us. I hope you [email protected] be getting fed up in any way by your still being in your heavy old bodies!! I do now know that there is a very important reason for being in a heavy body. It is all to do with light, and how it can lighten up even the darkest places in Gods World.

I am so very happy to have been allowed into the mind space of this lady. It has been wonderful to actually touch a mind and send my thoughts into it like this. It is part of a project I am doing at school. We are being taught how to relate to other spaces in Gods World where other people are. I have to say, this is one of the heaviest places, but because of that it is one of the most rewarding places you can be. If you spend the right amount of time there, that you are meant to, then once you come over to this space, it will be the best thing ever you could imagain. I was told I didn't have to wait till I was grown up to leave; something t odo with the light quotient I have with me., but I don't know any more than that.

I must now thank this lady for letting me make use of her mind like this; if only more would allow these happenings it would make your lives a lot better while you are in your heavy bodies. I am being told now to slowly draw away, so I have to go

I have enjoyed this experience, maybe I will be asked to do another project like this one; I do hope so. Oh! by the way, the name I had when I was in your space was Charlotte.

God Bless you to whoever can know of what I have sent into this laddy's mind. I think this lady's name should be 'Graceful Lilly'. She looks like one from this space. - I love you all, Goodbye XX
Mon,10 Mar 2008,11:04:30 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Tuesday, 4th March 2008 @ 03.50am

We ‘look down’ and we see the streams of living energy constantly moving to and fro along the ‘corridors of thought patterns which have been created over the centuries by the human system, and we marvel at its complex structures, each thought is charged with colour, and each colour denotes a specific energy within that thought pattern,

Now, as thought ALWAYS has and always will precede any action so it is that those who have a specific interest in the subject will also be investigating this phenomena; so it will seem to be that in ‘time’ freedom of thoughts will become eroded. This activity will / is being conducted over a specific period of ‘time’, and will be seen to balance out with ‘new’ regulatory ‘powers’ which will be seen to be coming from the earths judiciary aspect of life upon earth plane. ‘We’ all must remember that this one tiny planet in the galaxy is but a huge experiment, and all those upon the earth will have purposefully incarnated for this very reason, to be a part of all that goes on within its circumference.

Thoughts are indeed living things, else the action simply could not follow on from them in any way; shape or form, and is why it states in the Bible, that ““If a man even thinks about coveting his neighbors wife, the though will be as the action””.

Now, as thoughts are indeed actions, it stands to reason that each and every thought in relation to ’other worlds’ have indeed become actions in some part of the galaxy or other, therefore it is indeed possible that as even now companies are taking advantage of those thoughts which have indeed built up a degree of energy patterns which will enable atoms and molecules to formulate themselves into Matter, enough that the aspect of the human system which is capable would indeed build upon them, whether or not they would be consciously aware of what they actually do makes no difference to the action; but, as you know if you are not conscious of your actions then you have little or no idea of the results of what you do! This has been the Bain of mankind since consciousness became active in It.

‘We’ are not saying it shouldn’t be accomplished; no, what we are saying is that perhaps it would be advisable to wait until the fullest awareness has reached the conscious mind before any such action is undertaken. We don’t just mean being fully aware of what you do, and the particular route you take in order to achieve it all - no! what we mean is to be totally conversant with those who have been the ‘watchers’ over this particular area of the solar system.

Double / triple your efforts to firstly fully open up your chakra systems, and this will eventually lead you into a direct link with those who are so guided to bring this little message into your orbit in the first place. These ‘days’ of yours are so very crucial to not only yourselves, but to many others outside of your present consciousness, and this is why we implore you to take the step of firstly opening up to your inner selves in order to reach the contacts in the proper manner, much as we are doing right now, as it is the only TRUE method of a pure contact. It will enable you to understand so much clearer where as at present you are only receiving a percentage of what you should be receiving at this time.

Perhaps we should be communicating through channels such as this one much more in future. This channel has been ’set up’ for these such communications, and we are also fortunate in that we have a form of outlet for this particular message to be delivered into the midst of you. It is our wish that you take notice of this communication for we know you do monitor all such places for this very purpose. We wish you well in your endeavors.

Tue,04 Mar 2008,04:46:02 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

21/2/2008 - Whilst in Knock, Co. Mayo, Eire:- (on the occasion of the moons eclipse, the last one before 2012)-'There is a desire to see Knock/Ireland as one of the Major Light Centres in Ireland. This tiny country has great and lasting potential that many will one day be in need of. As the pressures in your daily lives increase, so you will find yourselves in need of resbite periods; Ireland is so near, and in easy reach of many. May we now state, the reason for this writing was to link into this finer dimension in order to pass on some valuable insights of a lasting quality - although - on the outer life, constisting entirely of World of Matter; physical aspects of Life this beautiful country consists mainly of catholic orthadox belief - it is a fact of Divine Law which is over and above all such institutions and organisations; that ALL SOULS who are so attracted to this beautiful country are indeed equal; that, from the higher planes you are most welcome to avail yourselves of the energies which will assist in your ascension process. We hasten to add, there are indeed other such places of equal status, so oyu may well be drawn to one of those. It does not matter; we are all here to serve one another and that is all. There is truly no other motive for spirit to be in your company; if you are lead to believe otherwise, rest assured it is not so.

During the lifetime of this channel, much is to be accomplished by many of you who pick up on these writings, as it is hoped they may be of some assistence to you whilst you inhabit the earth plane. there will be other correspondence cominbg through the channel from this country, for your benefit so oyu are better able to establish a growing structure within your hearts and minds. May we add, it is a joy to communicate to you in this manner; our Blessings to those who are responsible:- The question od the act known of 'suicide' has been asked of us by the channel; suicide is an act of freewill of the purest meaning of the word WITHOUT the knowledge; or, having no understandings of the Ascensions and Metaphysical processes, the Soul would sense a change of great and lasting magnitude whilst the lower, earth-self is unaware of the fact that it too is a part of that unique process, thereby it 'allows' the Soul its Ascension; This is our interpretation of what earth terms as 'suicide'. - We are now answering another question from the channel when we say we are of the celtic tradition; from where you know of as the Nature Kingdoms; The Faery Kingdoms. we are of the energy of all things which put down roots into Mother Earth; as such we also consider ourselves to be Universal - wherever life is, and is in need of support, there too, are we to be found. Ever onward friends, and Loghtworkers of Mother Earth.

23/2/2008 - knock, Co Mayo, Eire - 'Change comes upon the soul, just as night follows day. When the 'cloak' of night wraps itself around the soul stealing the full glare of the knowledge of the light; so the duality of our solar system is activated within the personality; where the regularity of the physical sun and moon play kiss chase round the earth, this is not so as far as the human soul is consesrned; at least as far as we know.
It amy well be that the regual 'best othe sun and moon be far quicker than the beat of the human soul (Eternity), so when that soul is encased in physical World of Matter there may be but one or two changes in any one life time. Why then, should the human soul be singled out in this manner?
Why is it, that when the distinctive attributes of the human soul be singled out, that it be affected in such a way; could it be, that whilst in the 'cloak' of its night that the soul is in fact receiving nourishment of a particular kind, not available to it whilst in the full glare of knowing and of awareness? Just as it the fact that whilst the soul is in the cloak it is in fact learning far more of its own capabilities than it does whilst enjoying moments spent in positive light of knowledge and awareness of its capabilities; so is able to use and stretch out to its limits, trying out its capabilities; in fact, gaining nothing, but expending the attributres gained whilst within the cloak. The previous questions have been posed in an attempt to challenge the soul within humanity to learn more about its origins.

Once those origins have been established, then can the soul be said to be in a state of readiness to move onward from one vibratory pattern and onto another to gain yet more knowledge; and grow even closer into the pattern set out for its eventual full maturity.

It is hoped that this information passed through this channel will be of some benefit to some on their own journey of awareness. It was given and passed through in complete Love, from one aspect of consciousness, into another - God speed you all on your journey of awareness.
Tue,26 Feb 2008,02:57:55 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Could it be that changes are on the way for everyone, and like others, mediums will have to 'let go' the limelight, and move on to 'pastures new'? Time will surely tell!
Tue,26 Feb 2008,01:53:02 GMT

Charly said:

I think it was inevitable that this Act was going to be repealed, mediums who works genuinely believing they are in contact with spirit and help people (for non profit) are far out numbered by those who do it for fame and financial gain.

Large Organisations and Spiritualist Centres such as the SNU, SAGB, CPS - Kensington, Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association have done nothing in previous years to target fraudulent practices (those who knowingly defraud people for financial gain) and to raise the credibility of mediumship and psychic practices.

The Media has a lot to blame for the psychic boom we have experienced in the last decade, but so has the abysmal standard of mediumship we now witness on church platforms and centres.

Churches have also aided in this Act being repealed by the introduction of psychic fairs and suppers, and allowing mediums to fortune tell on platforms.

In conclusion if any medium wishes to work in the future, their survival evidence will have to be so good or else they will be leaving themselves wide open to being sued.

Perhaps the spirit world have just grown tired of seeing vulnerable people be conned, mislead and charged too much money, if they wish you to continue then they will find a way around this new act.
Tue,19 Feb 2008,22:31:56 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Regarding the proposed changes coming in of, 'The Fraudulent Mediums Act'; and Having read through the related articles in the Psychic News, whilst I whole heartily agree that it would in fact weed out so many who use the Divine Gift more for their personal gain than for anothers; and sat down to really think about the whole subject, I have come to a conclusion and thought to share it with others through this blog.

Maybe, like dear Helen Duncan there are some within the movement who are getting 'too clever' who can now bring forth knowledge which some would rather it not be brought out into the 'public arena'; either that, or, there are those who are helping governments, and (we know that to be true), they are bringing through 'certain' knowledge, and just as they can receive, so too can any other who has the same abilities. Either way, or for some other reason, there does seem to be an attack once more upon our section of society - the coincidence of Mr Randi putting forth yet another slant on his 'challenges' at the same time as the government deciding there has to be a change in the law at this time is too great not to be in some way related.

May I be so bold as to suggest the best thing to do at this and any other stage is to continue to communicate with Divine Guides; Helpers and Loved Ones, who are merely in another vibratory pattern / dimension than us, and as all are energy as we are, then we have to ask this question; what makes it a criminal offence to be involved with other vibratory patterns / dimensions - after all are we not the True and Purest of the Spiritual Scientists. If it were not for those who are able to communicate this way, there would be no 'Harry Potter'; 'Star Wars'; 'Stargate' movies & books, and what about all the other writers, poets, philosophers? - Where exactly do THEY obtain all their material from? Will it come down to the fact that no-one will be allowed to operate in any such fashion? - I know about the prophecies of Mr John Hogue - see:-, regarding the fact that we are entering an age whereby there is to be a need for ACTUAL FACT based science, in other words 'we want to; see; touch; hear; smell in the physical World of Matter' that a mere belief system - is no use to humanity anymore. Ok then, what about the physical circles? do not they do the very thing 'we' are all wanting? So lets bring them forward more, after all there has been long enough now to develop in an easier fashion, unless these things really DO NEED to be challenged to the nth degree before that, it has been stated that humanity often waits till their backs are against the wall before the best is brought out in anything?; ie: wars, and such like happenings, always does seem to bring out the best in everyone.

Anyway, that is my thinking on the subject, anyone brave enough to air their opinions on this subject??......Feel free to add them here, meanwhile all the best to you XX
Mon,18 Feb 2008,17:41:59 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Dear Soul travelling this earth plane, I ask if there is an update in the understanding, which would bring benefit to others?
Yes of course, at this period in the evolution of the earth, there are many thoughts going on through many minds; and they do need addressing - for instance; right now on the world stage there are many people of some considerable influence in life, who are debating upon the subject of the forthcoming Olympic Games and the controversy surrounding the particular country from where the games will be held.

It is quite obvious to many, that this particular country is to take an important step forward in its impending role of a leader type quality. We know this will panic others who have thus far held centre stage, but we say that in order for the evolvement of earth dwellers, it is important that a percentage of that countries culture and heritage is more widely felt and experienced.
As it emerges int other cultures, so will those cultures blend in with it, therefore will both change and become more harmonised. This would be an important step in the eventual Heart Chakra of Mother Earth and her inhabitants taking presidence over and above the present lower-chakra systems of the world.
Of course this is not to be an entirely easy path to tread, there are to be many experiences for all along the way. The One fundemental aspect of Life should be at the forefront of minds, whilst in the process, and that is of the understanding that the World of Matter will ever receive the guidence best fitting for the Evolution of ALL Soulistic Energy. Therefore it is in the best interest of ALL Life to truly listen to the understandings which constantly are pouring through from the finer dimensions. Of course, there are many differing opinions as to what is the 'right' understanding to listen to. Usually this will stem from a 'lower-self seeking' attitude, and should be addressed by each and every individual immediatly it is noticed from within each individualised consciousness.
The True method of discovering the Highest of ALL understandings must, as always come under the influencial benefit of a Pure and Dedicated Heart Chakra fully extended into the World of Matter conditions; as well as the acknowledgement of the majority of earth dwellers, of the fullest respect for ALL.
Unless these qualities come forth into the forefront of self-expression; it is felt that the True understanding for the future Evolution of not only all SOULS; but of Mother Earth Herslf could be in jepardy.
The more this message can be rolled out across the worlds stage and quickly; the easier will it become for ALL to make that shift in consciousness from the present method of existence, and into the next. From the present day, there MUST be a Global Consensus on every single matter pertaining to these, and every other issue relating to the future Evolvement of every single individual Soul on Mother Earth. All WILL come into fruition as long as all who have received their 'wake up' call, can stay on course knowing that each small step taken on a local basis, will build into that broad path that ALL will be striding forth upon; with courage and determination into the new consciousness for Mother Earth, and ALL who will be upon Her.............Stength can be, and often it is seen to be a great weakness. This is a fact; let me explain, strength, in itself is like anything else-just an energy, being just an energy it is constantly on the move, so therefore is not fixed and will constantly be in a state of flux. This being so, means that it cannot be relied on to maintain its presence indefinitly any form of strength therefore cannot be relied on either; but must run its course. The One Exception to this is the Energy of Love. This is the One Energy from which everything else exists. There can be no energy if there be no Love surrounding it, as it would soon implode upon itself. Not a very good idea; so therefore it is suggested that in the building of anything/condition; or situation they would best be built with Love being the main ingredient. So, as far as the new way of Life for Mother Earth and Her future inhabitants; it would be Love which would be the most prominent Energy employed in the building. In this way would you be ensuring a Solid Secure Future for Mother Earth and ALL Her inhabitants.
Fri,15 Feb 2008,14:20:05 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

An extract taken from:-
‘”The History of Spiritualism - Volume Two“:
By: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:-
“Spiritualism and The War”

In the list of prophecies, that of Mrs. Piper, the famous trance-medium of Boston USA., deserves a place, though it may be considered by some to have an element of vagueness. It occurred about 1898 at a Sitting with Dr Richard Hodgson who was so prominently associated with the English and American Societies for Psychical Research:-

“Never since the days of Melchizedek has the world been so susceptible to the influence of spirit. It will, in the next Century be astonishingly perceptible to the minds of men. I will also make a statement which you will surely see verified. Before the clear revelation of spirit communication, there will be a terrible war in different parts of the world. This will precede much clear communication. The entire world must be purified and cleansed before mortal man can see, through his spiritual vision, hid friends on this side, and it will take just this line of action to bring about a state of perfection. Friend, kindly think on this.* - *(Quoted in ‘Light’ 1914 - page 349).

Mr. J G Piddington, in the ‘proceedings’ of the Society for Psychical Research, speaks at length of the war predictions contained in various automatic scripts, particularly in those of Mrs. Alfred Lyttelton. In his summing up he says:

“The scripts in general terms, predicted the war; so did many people. Some half dozen scripts written between, July 9th and 21st 1914 predicted that the war was close at hand; so also, and earlier had Sir Cecil Spring-Rice. The scripts predict that the war will eventually lead to a great improvement in internal relations, and social conditions; so, to, tens of thousands of ordinary citizens throughout the British Empire believed or hoped that the Great War was, as the phrase went, “a war to end War.”

But, this last parallel between the predictions in the scripts and the beliefs or aspirations that declared themselves with such strange ubiquity and intensity when War broke out, is in truth only a superficial parallel; for whereas the wave of idealism that swept over the Empire followed, or at best synchronized with, the beginning of the War. For many years before August, 1914, the scripts had repeatedly combined predictions of a Utopia with predictions of War, and had combined them in such a manner as to imply that one has to be the outcome of the other, I know of no parallel to that The writers; The soldiers; the diplomatists, and the politicians who forewarned us of the War, preached its dangers, and its horrors, but they did not tell us that this perilous and horrible tragedy would yet prove to be the birth throes of a happier world.

Nor did the propagandists of Hague Conferences and other schemes for allaying international rivalries warn us that a World War must precede the attainment of their desires. All alike predicted of reared a coming chaos; the scripts alone, as far as I know, spoke of a hope for the world in the coming Wars, and hailed the approaching chaos as the prelude to a new cosmos.

The predictions of the War in the scripts cannot be separated from the predictions of an eventual Utopia. The scripts do not say, “There will be a War” stop there, and then start afresh and say, “There will be a Utopia.” They clearly imply that the Utopia will result from the War. Yet it cannot be said that the two component parts of the whole prophesy stand or fall together, because the predictions of War have been fulfilled; but the fulfillment or the failure of the Utopian predictions must eventually influence opinion as to the source of the War predictions. Should the Utopia foreshadowed in the scripts be translated into fact, it would be very difficult to attribute the prediction of it as an outcome of the War to ordinary human prescience, and a strong case would arise for admitting the claim made in the scripts, and for giving the credit of the prediction to discarnate beings. And if the Utopian predictions were held to be the work of discarnate minds, in all probability the predictions of the War, which are so closely bound up with them, would be assigned to the same source.”

There are many other prophecies which have been more or less successful. A perusal of them, however, cannot fail to impress the student with the conviction that the sense of time is the least accurate of spiritual details. Very often, where the facts are right the dates are hopelessly at fault.
Thu,14 Feb 2008,22:11:55 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

By Richard Seddon

“The Twentieth Century”

In 1899,soon after (Archangel) Michael took up his dual role,Kali Yuga, the Dark Age of 5000 years, came to an end. The Etheric Body began the long process of separating again from the physical body, carrying mankind as a whole unknowingly across the threshold of the spiritual world. On the one hand, thinking, feeling and willing cease to be coordinated by the physical body, so that unless this is done consciously we find plans divorced from reality, acts devoid of feeling, growing uncertainty and anxiety. On the other hand, spiritual light again became visible on earth through Rudolph Steiner’s anthroposophy or spiritual science, and a new cosmic impulse was thereby born. But the counter forces took powerful hold of this situation, and it should be obvious that the mind-set that has enabled them to do so is inadequate to resolve the consequences,

The essential fact is that we live unaware in the midst of a mighty spiritual battle for the future of humanity between Christ and the opposing powers, the scale of which we can hardly imagine. Most people have not even perceived that there are two different opponents: Lucifer, the tempter, who inspires egoism and would draw humanity back from life to the glories of the past; and Ahriman, Satan, the father of lies, who inspires the rat race, and would chain humanity forever to the earth. Christ holds the balance, and we need to find with him the middle way.

Lucifer, and Ahriman conspire today above all to eliminate all recognition of the human soul in all sorts of ways- for example, by describing brain-processes as the causes rather than the effect of soul-phenomena. The time when souls will be made effectively non-existent by means of a drug, preferably administered in infancy, is not far off. Thereby they seek to prevent any further spiritual development of mankind.

Furthermore, just as Lucifer once incarnated in the East in the third millennium BC , so before only a part of the third millennium AD has elapsed Ahriman will incarnate in a human being in the west. His preparations are already far advanced - (ref: 4/11/19 - ’Lucifer and Ahriman, 3) Due to Ahriman’s inspiration we have a natural science - and with it the thinking of much of humanity - which recognizes only the animal within us, ignoring the human identity as spirit (which was denied by The Church a thousand years ago), We have already seen men with animal gestures in their faces and destructive fury in their emotions, who not only ridicule the spirit, but thrust it down into the slough.

Under the influence of Lucifer and Ahriman a society has developed, the whole structure of which - whether in industry, education, sport, or whatever - is based on selfishness, competition and rivalry, instead of loving help to one another. That is left to caring individuals. The result has been two world wars, many smaller ones, and ethnic cleansing, totalitarianism, Bolshevism and the holocaust, drugs and violence, destruction of the ozone layer, and tropical forests and wildlife. Much more could be added. The vice of the age is deceit, the karmic result of a superficial life. Western civilization is in fact the beginning of the earth’s death, and will perish with it. ’He who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars, says, I know your deeds, and you have the name of being alive, and are dead. Be alert!! And establish what remains that is about to die. (rev. 3, 2)

Only by individually suffering and confronting in freedom this scenario of death is the consciousness soul to be developed. For death in all its forms must be recognized as the benefactor that enables us individually to rise above an existence that separates us from the spirit. Only through death, can we reach the forces of resurrection. It is in fact a manifestation of the Father-principle, and the upward path begins with reverence for all that flows from The Father.

Whereas before, say, 1870 everything was made of natural materials, and previously people had been aware of the elemental beings of nature, today we live amid the products of technology - plastic, concrete, steel, electronics etc.- from which the natural beings have been driven out by high pressure and temperatures , and replaced by beings contrived by the human intellect , which are of an ahrimanic nature. We are in great danger of losing the forces of nature of which we were created, and sliding down into the ahrimanic world of sub-nature which we have made. Science has lost insight into the human being, and intellectual religion has denied the spirit in nature. Only through finding the forces of Christ in the etheric can we retain our humanity. Environmentalism expresses the longing for this. Knowledge of the spirit must re-enter everyday life.

It has to be admitted that the form in which Christianity has been presented for 2000 years has at best failed to permeate modern culture, and is no longer sufficient. But that does not mean Christianity itself has failed! Unless mankind turns to the realities of spirit, and to the self discipline of esoteric Christianity suited to today, things can only deteriorate further. More and people need to overcome the spectre of old ideas, and to experience thinking as a spiritual activity. They must find the way from the weak everyday ego to an ‘I’ which experiences its cosmic stature; and replace sleepy instinctive reactions and fears by compassionate deeds performed alertly in freedom and love. On this, the future of humanity depends; but just for this reason the opposing powers make every effort to prevent it. Moreover, certain Brotherhoods of the west actively promulgate belief in materialism in order that such materialism shall remain in the earth sphere after they die, and become the means through which the brotherhoods can acquire a quite particular power over others for their own ends.

Christ is however, in our age, the cosmic and earthly Healer. As a cosmic being from outside the earth he brings healing forces to those who actively seek them. Mankind suffers under the fear of heredity, and is near to losing the spirit altogether. But spiritual science is the therapy that brings vigor and health. Moreover since 1933 Christ has become visible to a small number of people as an etheric figure, and this will increase. Through Him a completely new culture based on love is possible.

As previous ages recapitulated earlier ones, so is this the precursor of the future war in heavens in terms of Michael and the Dragon (Rev.12; 7) The battle has begun, and we are all the battleground, whether we wish it or not.
Thu,14 Feb 2008,22:03:40 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Stay The Course:

Dear Friends, and Light Workers, we are now sending this little message through this channel to you at this moment in time upon earth plane. There is so much now happening it is felt necessary to provide you with a few words, purely for your convenience.
The quicker the energies; the greater the activity within those energies has become. This in fact is a wake up call (should you have a need of one) for those who are able, to focus in on their unique essence of their individual existence as it is lived within the physical framework of the world of matter body. In some instances this would be referred to as the silver cord. As you go into your meditation, we would ask that you expand this essence/silver cord, so it will become at first stage, twice the width / strength as when you began the meditation. If this were to be accomplished in stages like this, then would the metaphysical activity automatically be taking place of strengthening the essence of humanities existence throughout the earth plane. This is what is needed at this moment, because there is an urgent need to strengthen the essence of all existence - wherever that existence is throughout the universe, but we know you cannot put your mind to more than the earth, as you are encased in the physical flesh of the earthly body, and so the consciousness is limited to that environment, but rest assured, that the results of your efforts pertaining to this particular project will most definitely be having far reaching results we can tell you this in all Truth.

There are those among you who are able to fully utilize the knowledge we give without even having to think about it with their daily earth consciousness, for they are fully conversant with their Higher consciousness, and know it in itself operates independently from the daily consciousness. To let Mother Earth in all her glory be witness to the incoming energies of pure Love; Light and of Truth is what you will be doing. To provide the platform /stage from which all will be able to become manifest within world of matter is what is happening now.

From this Mother Earth you have the freedom of Self expression; the opportunity of judgment through the use of your individual free-will; along with the understanding that you will often come to a cross-roads, which brings in the unique possibility of choice in your lives, so its no wonder there is no agreements, as these attributes have to come forth in all their strength, and glory. All is happening with the knowledge that it is in accordance with the Laws of Divine Nature evolving to the benefit of the most Positive expansion of The Creators Domain. Just as there are restrictions within Earthly Laws, so too there are restrictions within the Universal Laws, however, these restrictions were laid down as the universe itself expands, they therefore are not subject to any whim or fancy of any political persuasion /dogma or creed.

Were you all but to realize the unique position you have at your disposal, then it is felt you could all get down to some serious discussions at this time; to prove the values of what you all purport to understand as being the true way forward. There is indeed a Movement of Spiritual Law which exist within/around all existence within the world of matter which you inhabit just now; it is however just beyond your comprehension at this particular moment as this is given through to you, it would not be too long before it is indeed within your comprehension. It is indeed possible, otherwise you should not be receiving this message now. The main key lies within the heart of humanity, as well as within the heart of Mother Earth, and you only have to listen with the right intention, (that of wishing to raise the frequency of ALL EXISTENCE from within Mother Earth) and to add to that intention ALL of the energy you know of as unconditional - or - agate LOVE ; to do this whilst within the process of true dialogue pertaining to the activations of the raising of all frequencies that operate within the world of matter dimensions.

If enough of you spend a percentage of your time according to your ability upon this one project, then we can safely assume that it will be a resounding success. The understanding of it all will be given on the, ‘as and when’ basis as is usual in these such cases; for it is not unique by any means. For now though we leave you in Peace with Love
Sun,10 Feb 2008,07:55:22 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

**Continued fro m previous message**There are many of us in order to protect at every vibration, the work, so it may be safely delivered into the correct invironment. The wherewithal to complete the project will be given in the correcttime/space, and not before. There is much to discuss later, but for now - Bless all earth dwellers.
**28/8/1999** - "Stone-masons are obliged to be diciplined by the stone. Free-masons are the highest order and are obliged to 'no one. They therefore, are 'free'. 'Stone = 'The Philosopher's Stone' Free'-masons are more elevated than those who work within the frequency of the stone. 'Free'-masons have, therefore taken the initiative of proclaiming dominence over all life within earths existence - both at The B egining, until the exit of earthly vibrations. ('c' Brenbda Grubb 1999)
Sat,02 Feb 2008,17:55:57 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Recieved on 24/8/1999 **FULL MOON GIFT** "Greater empowerment of The True Self over the earthly shadows upon the Soul, as it has been for this period. - to adjust to this it is necessary to elevate the central core of The TRue-self to even greater heights. To assist in this will necessitate calling upon 'Shekeinah'. The values of 'Enigma' will be shown to you in all their true splendour. - to all hearts who are pure and spotless will come forth the power which has been known of, and therefore, many attempts have been made to emulate this powerful process by the powers which have ruled the earth until now. - If only enough of those who are worthy to follow this pathway of initiation were to do so, this 'over-throw' (metaphysically speaking of course) of this present power will be well assured. A coming together on many levels, previously denied can now take place. - Be guided, as always, by the deep and courageous depths of your inner-most soul for the understanding within this message. - Hearken to the beat of fire within the breath of the living water of existing development within spheres, as yet, undeveloped. they are for you to dwell in time and space, as you begin to resonate on this finer, most glorious frequency. - Come forward, My Children, from the backward development created from the miuse of substance, and therefore energy given; and on into the creation which even now is taking place - March forward to greet this Golden Dawn now creeping over the horizon of all consciousness illuminating the recesses of existence. Follow the creating process now begun by design; for the moon of the feminine concept will bring you into alignment with conceptions as yet far outside the domain of your Divine Originality. - Peace be yours, now and for evermore. The Divine Gift of Extended Creation is now being manifested through the energies now before the reader.
**28/8/1999** The Ark of The Covenent, is a concept. The energies of that concept have never really been able to become fully intergrated into the energies of the earth as yet. This is a result of those who were originally responsible for it, befor it entered into the psyche of humanity, causing a restriction to occur whilst it was being prepared to enter into the conditions of the DNA stream. It is not, until now, that the cycle of domination and therefore of ddarkness is about to draw to its close by design laid down eons of time previously, that the energies are again becoming activated in sufficient quantity to allow for a percentage of resonating frequency into the present frequencies of she who wries. It is through the process fo writing, that the information required at this time to be delivered, can be so passed down. This can only eneter into conditions which have been set up in advance of the activation. To deliver an entire lecture on the subject there will necessarily have to be even further preparations involving ~The True-self. Guidence for these procedures will be given in due course. The justification of these writings being now presented to life on the earth will be proven in the True course of time and space with certasin events which are to take place. Far beyond the reach of your consciousness at this time, there resides in the outer cosmos, a guardian who has a direct juristiction over the course of events pertaining to this very subject. It must be to this one vibration the initial correspondence, and any subsequent dialogue should ideally be taking place. Just continue with the link you now have, and the consequences will be revealed. "Who are you, and where do you come from?" Such little trust from one so wise as to know when she is in the exact vibration for the work to commence - however, so be it, I come from the star/planet/ call it what you will, Peleides, also invoved are many others with whom I share in this glorious occasion. There are many of us in order to protect at very vibration, the work, so it may safely be de
Sat,02 Feb 2008,17:42:25 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Dear Children of The One God whom you know to be a significant credencein the Truthful pathway on which you are all now placing your first footstep. As within your present environment here too, asr there different areas where the frequenciescaused by various energies give cause for some differences of opinion. Howvedr, the thoughts of any negative action never even comes into hearts and mi nds, as all of those activities have been relinquished in favour of a more harmonious method of debating. It is noticed that within the World of Matter conditions where this very contact is being made, thoughts are changing onto higher frequencies, it is noticed that, as you do still have other conditiond within your midst, it doesmake it very interesting to see just what will be the ultimate overall result. Obviously, as the Ascension process truly sheds its light upon the consciousness, that light, of itself will be changing the situation by the Natural Laws of the Universe. That will cause the energy exchange so there will be no need for the lower energies intervening. It does cross the mind now I have mentioned the activity of energy exchange, that it may bring forward the opportunity for yet another avenue for the energy of 'fear' to be put into the equasion; for it may well suit cetain individual conveniences once the 'fear' of 'terrorism' has been overcome by the required amount of the human system. You will of course, from now on begin to totally ignore all of these rumours, and even if it should 'appear' to be a 'fact', then you would know it would be a deliberate act of interference in the Ascension process. This is exactly why, it is with great joy we now welcome the appearence of this particular page, for our contact will be able to add on an, as and when basis; as we are all keeping our senses activated more prominently now, so we can add our 'thoughts' in order to balance where we see it becoming most welcome at the appropriate moment. We are now in the process of building up a situation which will eventually be capable of working closely with us, who are also a significant part of the Ascension process now taking place from your preaent place of residency. There are several others you would be suitable of inhabiting-or-I should say, the conditions would be more than suitable for those about to make their ascension. It will all work beautifully, as you will see. As you now sent thought rays into the conditions, so will those conditions take on board your thoughts, and will transform into those conditions you will have created previously. Think of the process in the way of when you wished to enter into World of Matter conditions; you decided, with others, what you wished to do; where you wished to beand what environment you wished to be placed, so it would lead you to do exactly what you knew you wanted to do. The only thing in your way would be the energy patterns you would have to encounter, as they would 'take some getting used to' (words from contacts own mind) This is presicely why you have 'freewill' to give you some leeway whilst confromnting the many conditiions and situations which would not have been within your grasp of the forthcoming scenario. The principles will now be exactly the same for you. Life, for you all wilol be a truly magnificent adventure, taken together, yet seperated out as you encounter many aspects of your new domain. Well done all for coming this far - Onward and Upward.
Tue,29 Jan 2008,20:08:53 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

A direct involvement in the ascension process as previously related would be an excellent condition for a good many now, this would be accessed through the thought process as is the norm in such cases. It is hoped that the fullest understanding of the exact procedure would be obtainable throughout this one site, as it would simplify matters a great deal for the whole project. The need to now establish a simplified 'road map' is of the utmost importance for all. To now begin the tasks of projecting the thought of the intention is a must, for as you all know by now, thoughts are indeed actions in the making, so your thoughts of the required intentions would therefore create a powerful platform for others, who would be just behind you to find the platform, for it maybe they had not quite the same quantity of faith as you have, so must have something to project their thoughts onto in order to feel safe and secure that they do tread the right pathway - ALL must now begin to assist each other as the mass migration takes place. That migration begins as always with one continuous stream of pure thoughs consisting of LOVE; LIGHT AND TRUTH. This aspect of The Zodiac remains constantly by your side to urge you onward; projecting your creative thought patterns out into the universal future, available to you all; so move forward with LOVE at the forefront of all thought patterns. Together we shall tread the path of progression for all souls.
Mon,28 Jan 2008,02:18:20 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

The changing patterns of energies are most certainly going to cause much of humanity to take a look at the way the human system is going to redress this problem that is now stareing them in the face. They give little or no thought to the situation at hand; only thinking to submerge themselves in other matters, thinking that if it was ignored, then it would simply disappear or its own accord. What we are referring to here is the calculable damage being caused to the entire thought structure that humanity has, for many years now been working with for as long as humanity has been within the consciousness of there being perhaps an even greater 'power' or energy pattern than his/her own. Actually it will be the feminine energy pattern that will see him safely through this coming period, would he but listen to what it is saying. It is therefore a good thing for humanity that the feminine energy is now rising within so much of the human system; for in itself it does give cause for a greater determination to make a sustainable progress through the energy patterns now around Mother Earth, and beyond. The feminine energy is the bringer of new life; it is the birthing energy; so the very evidentual; noticable rise of its volume has to be a cause for great celebration for humanity in all reality. I now make referrence to the orthadox church here, and say to that section of society, that this risein feminity, is a must, if humanity is to in anyway remain within the confines of Mother Earth, to once more populate this fabled 'Garden of Eden', for that is what this dimension realy constitutes at this time, and should remain so. Other places would be more than capable of sustaining life as we know it can do ; but this Mother Earth dimension will be seen to be quite unique in the qualities of the prodigies that will be born; for they will have all of the atributes which will enable them;, each one, to create, and recreate life in all the original concept necessary for recieving direct communications from the seeds of the first Garden of Eden, which was so intended for the purpose of producing a sustainable life style, through out this local universe. Those who have gone as far as they can in giving the light quotient into the atoms/molucules within World of Matter conditions quite unique to Mother Earth, will fingd themselves, and others of their ilk asccending into yet another frequency of vibration, being made ready for theri arrival even now. Once there they then can and will set to work in he many tasks which will be asigned to them by the Masters, who were themselves once incarnate upon Mother Earth; so will the commencement occur of the Divine Light being introduced further into universal life once more. This is an aspect of The Zodiac who now reaches you.
Mon,28 Jan 2008,01:08:55 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Just thought it might be of benefit to some one for me to describe what I am going through during this very personal growth year for so many of us! I went to a friends house last night, and we had a little meditation. Normally I get 'something', but last nihgt I felt a little bit 'flat' only way I can put it into actual words; anyway after a while, I felt the energy around me acting 'very strange' - or - differently, meaning that I was being given more than I was giving out; now this hasn't happened to me before, so I was a bit put out by it all. I have noticed this year that I do get a bit 'short tempered'. I put this down to me being a woman, and not being able to 'have my own way', that kind of feeling, but I guess it is just that things are changing direction somewhat, and it is coming in from a different area, into my mind/brain area - or - perhaps another area of my brain is now being 'tweaked' into activity; which does make sense, now I am looking back on it all. Actually by writing it down/ typing it into this blog, has given me another out look on it all, and maybe this should be done more, just write your thoughts as and when they come, and keep them somewhere safe and easily accessable for future reference, and to maybe if you feel brave enough to place them in this blog allowing them to be shared by whoever is meant to share them! knowing those thoughts are now able to enter into the world of technology, and eneter into this site through the system of the internet, and to bring another form of consciousness into the internet (Bless you always Bill Gates, and the like) Anyway, why is is that the negative things always seem to rise to the surface first, isn't it about time the positive energies within Light; Love and Truth be broadened out into the internet more - as with this site?? (Bless Ian & Terri, Always for it too!) What a terrific year this is going to be for us all, whatever the level we are working on!! Bless everyone reading these few words XXXXXXXXX
Fri,25 Jan 2008,09:34:22 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

**Continued form previous message** - surrounding each and every earth bound Soul who now reads these words, transposed for the specific use of those who are able to reach them. As they do, may each one be imbued with your Divine Breath, which can, and will raise each individualised consciousness. I thank you for listening to us, and I remain Your humble servant.' - This is my little message, and I now ask that the pen be put down and the message be in the place intended for it. I also ask for added Light and Love into the conditions which you are now writing from - With all my love - God Bless.
Sun,20 Jan 2008,07:00:31 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

Dear friend, I am now asking of you to place pen to paper in order to capture just an essence of what is now around you at this moment in your time zone. The Truth, as it is now entering into your consciousness a kind of 'wake up' call for all to recognise, who are able to reach these few words as they are so transcribed by you. Fancy for just one of those moments of your time zone, that the child, known of as ,Diana, Princess of Wales, is now in communication with you, and wishes to pass on a few thoughts for you to take down. 'Reality is a Blessing, for it brings with it the only true method of advancing from one energy pattern and onto another. Think of this dear friends, as you are entering into quite a different state of affairs for a period of time now. Realities bring with them true and significant responsibilities that can and often do put questions into an otherwise free and easy existence - this of itself is NOT a reality - rather it is a 'rest bite' along the path of evolution. Think now my dear ones, of a time when you can make great strides for yourself in the dimension of reality, and take each and every opportunity which is now to come your way. This, my friends is not a time to let 'fear' into your hearts and minds, but to let the Light of Experiences, and of that One Illuminated Grace and Divine Love, which can only come from within the reality dimension. What you will be / are now going through is indeed quite a unique occasion; your present place of residence is the only planet which can yet bring through the energy patterns now becoming manifest in your lives. It is always the case we do not fully appreciate an experience whilst undergoing it; and only though hindsight can we see with crystal clear clarity, the reason for it. This has to be the way, so we are able to fully take part in each and every experience, without any other thoughts clouding the issue. Let me assure you of one thing, that, even as these words are being transposed from thought energy into words to be read; there are so very many who gather within the realms now surrounding the place you are living upon, for the specific task of seeing all through in the manner intended - rest assured my dear friends, they are gathering in their hundreds of thousands in order to bring stability into the varying scenario's now establishing themselves, in preparation for the coming period. The Glorious and Divine Grace which is now coming upon you all, is not an illusion, or, fairy tale, to be recited over, and over again, as has been the case many times previous - Yes! these tales are in fact among the realities of Life, but like most tales only that which is most desirable to be remembered will linger on. The rest will just be left on the dimension which it was created upon so will not be transfered to future generations. In this way will the future always view the present; ad infinitum.... Can we conclude this little message now with a Prayer of mine? I would so love to share it with you all; it relates to the Great Master Soul/Spirits who have been on the planet earth actually in the flesh, so have left their energies within that energy which now makes up your own physical bodies, such was the uniquness of their energy patterns - anyway, now to the Prayer:- 'Dear One Eternal Existence, from where we all originate, we now are asking that through all of the energy patterns that now are forming the physical frame, you do send into this energy pattern enough of your Pure Light Frequency to illuminate our pathways for this period we now tread this World of Matter Existence. Give all the energy patterns to include your Divine Grace and Mercy into each and every earthly time frame of Existence; allow us all the unique experiences we now are having to enter into in their entirety, and provide us all with the ability to know and recognise the fact that all which is needed, is indeed within, and surrounding each and every earth bound Soul who
Sun,20 Jan 2008,06:56:08 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

""Continued from previous message"" - - but just know that as the great spirit Kryon stated, this year, 2008, is a beginning year - a 1 year - new beginnings this should give you a clue as to when it will all begin to manifest into World of Matter conditions. The physical self is not envolved so greatly in this process, as the whole process eminates from The Sourse, which means in truth, from the Essence of All Existence, and down through all the vibratory patterns, and into the World of Matter in a continual stream of energy, rather as a stream of lavar flow down the side of the volcano, as it eminates from the original source, that being the centre of the volcano. Knowledge is in itself a type of energetic power, and we are hoping that by providing you with these little messages we can play our part in assisting you to maintain a balance bringing the finer vibrations forward to those who are as yet unaware of all of this activity. There will be more added as and when necessary, we leave you for now.

Fri,18 Jan 2008,03:38:26 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

To the dear ones whose eyes rest upon this page, it is now to be stated to you, that the true greatness of the country you now are in, is shortly to become made manifest into the direct and public gaze of the world stage; although in truth, it has been so for a fairly long expanse of time, but has not been so brought to the attention of the ‘common man’ residing within this place. That each and every country which is completely surrounded by the oceans and the seas, indeed has a very specific task to perform for the future of existence, both within, and around all Life within this local universe. Much is now being made of the progression of the World of Matter / physical world; yet nought is mentioned in regard to the Inner / Ethereal Worlds, which are equally making much progress. This country you now are in, will bring a unique example of this fact soon, although we are expectant that it will not be brought to the attention of the general public for a while yet. The balance is not right for this to occur, at least in the opinions of a percentage of certain groups within society. This fact is well accepted, as is the fact that all participating energy systems are working well together on this one project, or, mission shall we call it. This country will, as ever has in the ‘past’ bring forward a Divinely Inspired Influence into the Leadership of this planet; there will come many, once again to step into centre stage to make ready for the next stage of earthly progression. Knowing all are universal citizens will by then become common knowledge among many; and the type of existence now being brought onto the horizon of humanities consciousness will in fact become the normal type of existence; this has been able to come about through the thought process alone; proving to all, the immense energies contained within the thought dimensions, and why it is that there is now an all out attempt to begin to have a type of control over thought; hence the term ‘Thought Police’. No difference than the normal type of policeman/woman, but will patrol the dimension of the thought world eventually, so it seems that there is truly no kind of policing going on. Everything, but everything is going through these changes, as we travel into the higher consciousness of existence; and there simply can be NO exceptions to this rule
“Where do we, as Spiritualists come into the picture?” you may well be asking. We can answer in this way - Your Divinely charged Guides; Helpers; Friends, and yes, your Loved Ones too, are also well aware of this occurrence within the great shift of consciousness of the whole universal existence of life forms, and many of them have chosen to accompany you all into the great changes now coming upon you all, so they also will change their states of consciousness in accordance to their particular awareness, and status within life; much the same as all earth bound souls of the human system, as well as all other life forms upon the planet just now; for all are here for this purpose, and know it. Spend just one second of your time within the Essence of your Individualised Existence, anfd you will be amazed at the difference in your perspective of your life; you think you know yourself? If you are in direct contact with your Soul, and can recognise it, then you can truly answer, yes, I know myself to some degree, and I recognise it through all of the outer/inner world activity surrounding my life now. These things may not personally consern you as yet, and it will probably be some time before they do, however, as you are all now waking up to the fact of ‘time’ speeding up, and it is not just a question of the older you are the quicker the time seems to ‘go’, it is an actual fact. This being the case, it cannot be pinned down to a definite ‘time frame’, but just know that as the great spirit Kryon stated, this year, 2008, is a beginning year - a 1 year - new beginnings this should give you a clue as to when it will a
Fri,18 Jan 2008,03:12:01 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

To focus inward, and to leave the outer world to go its own way would indeed, we guess be quite a task in itself for the majority of humans upon earth at this time - you do have a strong longing shall we say, of wanting to know what is on the other side of the fence, may we put it this way for you. So, to focus on your own pathway, and leave all life that is not going to become attracted to your side as you travel forward is going to take some consentration on your part we know - Yet, this is the way forward for you who have the intention to push forward. As Divine Sparks of Conscious Energy will you move forward into a completely new understanding of Living; and depending upon what you have all assimulated into your consciousness, this will determine your next set of experiences. Now, you may have already noticed a coming together of some of your fellow travellers within your particular Group Soul Energy Pattern. Once those particles of Life surrounding you have been bathed in, and have absorbed the awareness from your own consciousness, it is then that the task has been completed, and your consciousness must move on, so you can then bring into your level of consciousness more particles of life which will have by then become attracted to your side. As streams of Living Energy you will be flying forth into a new dimension, there are several options open; those who have chosen to remain within the Earth plane dimensions, will find the ‘new’ scientific discoveries within the fields of ‘Nano technology’ ; the angelic realms also may attract you, but whatever you now find fascinating to you, so will you be drawn there by your own thoughts, and none other, for we now are in communication with the Free Spirits of Existence, free from constraints which constitute the present system of operating life on earth from the point of view of ’humanity. You may well be asking ; why is all this being made known to us, as it doesn’t yet concern us, it is all in the ’future’ and we wish to remain in the present - yes, we can well understand you thinking this way just now. However, if you were to look around you, at the Scientific World in particular, you would see that many are in fact now beginning to live and work in that you term ’The Future’ Now is the time to take your heads from out of the sand, and stop trying to battle with life so much, for you only hurt yourselves, and are not making any progress, you are in fact making it quite difficult for all of the others within your particular Group Soul - this is the New Family of the foreseeable future, the Group Soul System. You all know of the Indigo and the Crystal Children who have incarnated especially to see all of this put into operation, thereby making it that much easier for the rest - in fact we may be reaching them right here and now through this little message tonight. It is most important that the mind set of humanity changes to encompass these understandings. This is an aspect of the Zodiac, which surrounds the earthly conditions, and have reached this child through the method of Sacred Geometry, should you wish to know. We leave you for now, and ask this child to place this message onto the page intended.
Wed,16 Jan 2008,01:31:55 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

The Truth, as some would say, is that, as humans, we have almost 'ran the race'. In other words we are far in advance of the task we were 'set up' for; which was? - To set up a specific quantity of earth bound Atoms and Molucules, and prepare them for the use of what are termed by us now as, 'Robotic Life Form'. What now? you may well be asking yourselves. Now is the moment when, as the Great Spirit we know of as Kryon, states that we shall make our Ascension, or - a percentage of humans will make the Ascension.
For those of us who have heard,or read The Message for 2008 given by Kryon on the 9th October 2007, it is quite clear as to what we should from now on be looking toward. We are, all of us , subject to the Laws of Nature; Natural Law, Laws of The Universe, however you describe these, they amount ot the same thing - that some of the Aoms; Molucules, and their conscious state are in fact ready to make that Ascent at the most appropriate time. It MUST now be emphasised this IS TRULY a most Natural Event. As we now make the Ascension through our physical bodies, so will those Atoms and Molucules also have had their Ascension to be made ready for their next stage of life. As we Ascend, so we join the ranks of others who have 'made the grade'. In the actual process, we now are passing on all of the required knowledge for the next stage to take place. We, who are known as Spiritualists, are among those ready to make this progression - although, in Universal Truth, ALL are ONE Specis of Being in existence; this is why there is a massive drive to 'fuse all into one' as it were, in order to establish a quantity of this Universal Status. As we do so, we are given the responsibility to leave behind a 'Legacy of Knowledge'. The same level of Knowledge of the 'Ancient Ones' - the likes of The Lemurians, ec:.. Who did create massive Libraries which were mostly 'destroyed' by those who wished to attempt to contain the higher evolved levels of consciousness from leaving the World of Matter. Now, with the understandings that there can be the added Life Forms in the guise of the Technological Age, this will no longer be an issue of the same magnitude. So, the transition of those ready to make their ascension will, in the main be that much easier; for it is well known in certain quarters that there are some who are looking forward to the 'Incarnation' into the new Life Forms of the Technological Age. All is now being made ready for this advancement, thanks to Bill Gates, and others. If it is ALL carried out in the Positive Energy Pattern, then ALL will Truly benifit from this Period of Great Change in the Consciousness within The World of Matter. As a direct result, we can ALL look forward with relish, to many Positive, and Expansive Experiences to come.
Mon,14 Jan 2008,08:02:10 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

It's quite clear to me, that we who are spiritually aware are in fact living in two worlds alresady - that the spiritual aspect of ourselves is opening up, and we do not in fact have to 'die' before coming into the consciousness of our 'next cloak'; or to be aware of the next level up, of existence from the World of Matter. So, we are living Metaphysical Lives; not that difficult really, as the next level is so alike to the World of Matter, as we are finding out. However, there is another level to which we are now entering into, and brings us more into The Light of True Illumination - so those who are now within that frequency are known by us all as Lightworkers. This is because they no longer have need to enter into the frequency which constitutes the atom/molucules of the World of Matter; therefore they have no need to regularly group together within this frequency, giving others the wrong idea. However, it is a fact they do meet up on the higher frequency they are so attuned to, and operate in, seemingly 'by-passing' the level immediatly beyond the World of Matter frequency. We are now; not only
a multi-cultural/racial society, but also a multi-dimensional society, and the road which we now are travelling upon can and will grow to encumpass higher/finer frequencies whislt we are still on the earth plane, and not 'yet dead'. This, as I see it will be when the contact we all talk about, 'star treck' etc:.. is in fact already here, as we open up to the specific level of consciousness within our minds/brains. - As Spiritually minded folk, let us react according to our 'Code of Ethics' / Priciples whatever you wish to call them, they all mean the same thing!! We are ALL personally responsible for our own actions; we are all one entity upon this earth plane; so lets start coexisting in ernest during 2008 - I should welcome any comments about this understanding we are now entering into, however, if we are true lightworkers then it won't matter I guess, we all are begining to know what the other's intentions are, and that is all a part and parcel of our evolution after all!
Fri,11 Jan 2008,16:38:38 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

9/1/08 @ 03.00.
Dear spiritual soul, we now are asking of you that you do direct a question of those who would make a link onto the new page set up specifically for the task of an interaction within the scope of the Spirit Guide Website; we here, who are guides are quite excited about this whole new venture, as it does mean the opening of a path which will lead all into the knowledge that truly the whole concept of spirit travels through the thought process. This eventually will mean that spiritual enteties can become even closser to the World of Matter - that, eventually it is to be possible that spirit, without the intervention of Humanity will in itself be a very positive influence within World of Matter.
This would be seen as occurring as a matter of course, and will bring an even clearer picture of Universal Truths into World of Matter conditions.
The question we would now put forward onto the page would be this one:- As the movement of energy grows even stronger with the coming in of the new energy flow, are those who are now of the Spiritual/Scientist frame of mind placing their thought patterns in this direction of working more with the spiritual dimensions as they are rapidly advancing into World of Matter dimension? If so, then it would also be possible to assist more readily in the Space Programme thereby streamlining the whole system; or, are they not yet ready for this advancement. If not, then maybe it must be left to those who are more used to working alongside their Spiritual counterparts.
We take this opportunity to pose this question, as it is rather important to us.
From our perspective it would not be entirely necessary to provide an answer on this page, but we do think that as we have stepped forward to pose this question, then it would be only out of politeness to everyone, including the Web Master of this Site for the answer to be given here. We remain in Service always to the One Creator of Existance.
We are of The Starship of The North, and have previously been in contact with this particular Channel. My name is Commander Akas, and I leave you with deep joy, and grewat commitment to the Future.
Wed,09 Jan 2008,04:06:45 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

This New Year; is very important, as it will bring to more of us the awareness of there being a higher source of knowledge, and of guidence than at this moment is possible upon this World of Matter earth plane. That is a deffinite fact, and one which will so easily be noticed by all in one way or another. There is a purpose to everything, and there is a purpose to everybody. Think of all those Lightworkers opening up to their true potential as we journey onwards throughout thisd earth plane! All those sparks of light, momentarily flickering and maybe spluttering before entering into their full beauty within that gloriously ethereal flame of Divine Light which is only ignited through the auspices of the contacts from within the Essence of All Existence; no matter where that Existence may be dwelling. We here, hope that you will feel able to share and be as a Truly Cosmic Family upon this planet working through the whole specrum of the Chakra system. - Love; Light and Truth go out to everyone this year. XXX
Mon,07 Jan 2008,17:01:47 GMT
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