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Moldavite is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago. It fell over what is now called the Moldau River valley in Czech Republic. These green Gems are among the most ra...

Crystal Merkaba
The word Merkaba is actually composed of three separate words: Mer, which means light, Ka, which means spirit and Ba, which means Body. Put together, these three words connote the union of spirit with...

Cradle of Humankind
Cradle of Humankind The 'Stone of Reminiscing', helps in looking back over ones own life, and life all around, in order to recognise where knowledge and wisdom have been gained, as well as to see ho...

Living in the multi dimensions
Dear Souls: and Living in the Multi Dimensions: Dear souls, Its very difficult to put a finger onto the way theses waves are affecting Gaia and humanity at this time, the symptoms have not let u...

An Open Letter To Aquarius For March 2021
An Open Letter To Aquarius For March 2021 Dear Aquarius, Government lockdowns have imposed huge challenges to the ingenuity of parents, grandparents, medical personnel, caregivers, essential wor...

Learning to understand:
These postings are exerts from “The Book”, we are putting together. Learning to understand: It has been made clear that we are learning to understand the workings of how we are ascending and what...

Creedite - high vibration crystal
Creedite is a high vibration crystal that brings through a dominant character that causes an development within your higher chakras, and lifts your overall vibration. The energy from Creedite is p...

The unknown
The Unknown: Open Up: Move Forwards Into The Unknown: These new energies are translating in everyday life as periods of time, when all we want do is rest. Sleep times are not rigid. Some days ...

Astrology Overview for WC 15th February 2021
Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 15th February 2021. This week sees the two planets of romance, Venus and Mars at odds with one another. But this squa...

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Crystal Spheres
Crystal Spheres There has long been a fascination with crystal balls. These powerful shapes make excellent meditation and healing tools. We carry a wide range of sizes and crystal types including c...

Dear Souls
Dear Souls: Dear souls, Its very difficult to put a finger onto the way theses waves are affecting Gaia and humanity at this time, the symptoms have not let up and you find ourselves getting used to ...

Pipestone helps us to realise that the spiritual and the physical are interconnected and that prayer and ritual can be incorporated into everyday life. We can see that everything is sacred and no one ...

Moving Forwards
Moving Forwards: We are moving forwards with a lot of hope for the future of ourselves and that of Gaia and universe. The teaching and inspirations carry on, very much in the same vein as always...

How to Rise Above Any Betrayal
Have you ever suffered from a betrayal? Who hasn’t! Fortunately, you can gain a new understanding of yourself that will both raise your understanding of others, and take the sting out others’ betrayal...

Grandidierite It helps one to be both precise and correct in judgments in cases requiring evaluation of evidence prior to decision-making. It also provides one with a strength and stability in s...

An Open Letter To Capricorn For March 2021
An Open Letter To Capricorn For March 2021 Dear Capricorn, Capricorns are respected for their admirable reticence, self-control and perseverance. And it's true that most Capricorn enjoy a little...

Aquarius New Moon 11th February 2021 plus Zodiac Sign Forecasts
The Aquarius New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to set our intentions for our future hopes, but most importantly how we can achieve this by connecting with others, and developing co-operation and hel...

Bustamite - The 'Earth’s Healer'
Bustamite The ‘Earth’s Healer’, this is a very intriguing stone, that holds a deep connection from within the core of Mother Earth. Bustamite uses this connection to heal the being in many ways, bo...

Cobalto Calcite
Cobalto Calcite is also known as Cobaltoan Calcite or Sphaerocobaltite and forms wonderful rose pink crystal specimens. Cobalto Calcite is very useful for past life healing situations it amplifies ...

The Land of Tomorrow
I recently came across two phrases in a short story about the rabbits of Watership Down by Richard Adams. The phrases were “The Land of Yesterday” and “ The Land of Tomorrow.” The story is about a rab...

Astrology Overview for WC 1st February 2021
Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 1st February 2021. Welcome to a new week and new new month, one which begins with gorgeous Venus gliding into the sig...

Pyrite and Triplite
The Stone of Tenacity When working with this stone it will bring a sense of stubbornness that leads to the task being completed. It facilitates the determination and focus required to reach your pers...

An Open Letter To Sagittarius For March 2021
An Open Letter to Sagittarius For March 2021 Dear Sagittarius, Everything about the first week in March may seem a little larger than life for many of my Sagittarian friends. Jupiter's all encom...

Astrology Overview for WC 25th January 2021
Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 25th January 2021. All week the Sun combines with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, philosophy, higher values, ...

the transition: Its very weird: Channeled help:
The Transition: It’s very weird: Channelled help: Confusion prevails: Seems like we lost our self awareness: Regaining our light being: The transition of evolution for man, earth and universe ...

Thats all we can do:
That’s all we can do: Over these last years to now, it is obvious how everyone is creating a story of information from all the different entity fields that make up souls.... us! When the higher enti...

Rhodochrosite Slices - Stone of love and balance
Rhodochrosite is called the "stone of love and balance" as it balances and enhances love on all levels. It allows fuller love to enter your life. It energises and cleanses the base, sacral and heart c...

A Guide to Meditation by Mark Chatterton
Many people have come across meditation in all its various forms, yet they have never tried it. Others associate it as part of an organised religion and so have been put off from trying it. Yet medita...

Featured Events Coming Soon

Palmistry Course (online, date optional)
Wednesday,13 Jan 2021 10:00 AM (-46 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

Welcome to a great new online course with Inspiral and Anita Panayiotis ! Cross my palm with silver and let’s see what’s happening this year with a fresh look at your hands ! Learn how to decipher your clients life by looking at the shape and size of the hands and the lines, mounds and planetary associations you can...

Contact: Jay Gage


Akashic Records Practitioner Course
Saturday,06 Mar 2021 10:30 AM (5 Days to go)

Waterside, Islington London N1 7UX ,N1 7UX

“Akashic Records Connections Practitioner Course” Stage One Saturday and Sunday 10.30a.m.- 5p.m. each day 6th and 7th March 2021. This course is in person, being held at Waterside, Islington London N1 7UX from 10.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. each day. £390 each weekend in person The course will include Akashic Records T...

Contact: Vicky Sweetlove 01279654129


Pellowah Level l & ll Attunement - 2 Day Workshop
Saturday,27 Mar 2021 9:45 AM (26 Days to go)

The Upminster Sanctuary Peal Lane Havering, Upminster, Essex ,RM14 2XH

A gift to yourself! Beneficial for everyone! Great for Practitioners wishing to learn a new modality. Wonderful for individual spiritual expansion. Easy to learn, simple to use, Pellowah enables you to create positive lasting change in your Life… Benefits of Pellowah Attunements: an alignment of the meridians, greater...

Contact: Julie Parker 07389197294


Master Your Own Destiny
Saturday,10 Apr 2021 10:00 AM (40 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

If you have ever sensed that there is so much more to life, but don’t know where to find it or where to look, then why not try the Master Your Own Destiny online mini-course. Be inspired to wake up who you truly are, achieve greater success and have more fun in life as you begin to understand more about who you are. Includes gui...

Contact: sheila steptoe


Glastonbury Well Being Meditation Retreat 3 nights
Thursday,10 Jun 2021 4:00 PM (101 Days to go)

Bere Street, Glastonbury, Somerset,BA6 8BD

Glastonbury has been known to be a spiritual place of pilgramage and ancient legends. Our custom made 3 night Well Being Meditation Retreat will give you a perfect break and time to recharge and relax with like minded souls. We will be spending time meditating in the morning and evening at the house, then through the ...

Contact: Samantha Hull 07958719342


Norfolk Luxury Treehouse Well Being Meditation Retreaet
Tuesday,07 Sep 2021 5:00 PM (190 Days to go)

Norfolk (near Kings Lynn),PE32 2QN

Come and enjoy a wonderful stay in a funky treehouse! We will be meditating morning, evening and some during our activities outside in nature and inside too. Throughout your free time, you can enjoy a wealth of an eco paradise set in acres of private land with lots to enjoy including; wild swimming in the river, ta...

Contact: Samantha Hull 07958719342


Akashic Records Oracle Card ONLINE Workshop
Sunday,14 Mar 2021 11:00 AM (13 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

“Akashic Connections Oracle Card ONLINE Workshop with Vicky Sweetlove” Sunday 14th March 2021 11.00a.m. – 4p.m. £128.00 this price includes the “Alchemist Wisdom from the Akashic Records Oracle Cards (please book by the 3rd March for cards to be posted to you) The cards bring in the wisdom from “the keepers” ...

Contact: Vicky Sweetlove 01279654129


Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors
Saturday,03 Apr 2021 10:00 AM (33 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

Please watch my video for further details An inspirational 12-month programme to prepare you to become a highly skilled professional healer and mentor ready to serve humanity during this time of rapid awakening. Positive mental and emotional health will become a major priority from 2021. With so ...

Contact: Gabrielle Rafello 07913724183


Online Mentorship with TJ Higgs
Sunday,11 Apr 2021 8:30 AM (41 Days to go)

Online Virtual Event,

Online Mentorship Programme - April - September 2021 Join TJ Higgs for an online mentorship programme. The classes will be held monthly and in two groups, beginner intermediate and intermediate advanced. There will be an option of an AM or PM group. Classes will run for 3 hours. Both groups will develop and enhance both ...

Contact: Tracy Higgs


Feng Shui Practitioner Course IFSG approved
Saturday,01 May 2021 10:30 AM (61 Days to go)

Waterside, Islington, London,N1 7UX

Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui London Feng Shui Practitioner Course IFSG Gold Programme at Waterside, Islington, London N1 7UX The Space Clearing Modules start on the 20th and 21st February 2021 as per the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy course. The Feng Shui modules commence Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd May ...

Contact: Vicky Sweetlove 01279654129


AromAware Events Wellbeing Fair, The Clay Factory
Saturday,03 Jul 2021 11:00 AM (124 Days to go)

The Clay Factory Redlake Industrial Estate Ivybridge Devon ,PL21 0EZ

A HUGE fabulous fair at The Clay factory with lots of family friendly talks & workshops, Art & crafts for adults & children, Family Yoga sessions,  Meditation for adult and for families. Creche facilities. Vegan Cafe, Vegan. Meet the local business's of the Clay Factory too and what they have to offer at this amazing venue....

Contact: Elaine Drake 01752 605816


LivingWell 2021
Sunday,11 Jul 2021 10:30 AM (132 Days to go)

Quarry Park, Victoria Quay, Shrewsbury SY1 1JA,SY1 1JA

Free entry to LivingWell 2021 with over 100 exhibitors and 30 speakers on 11 July, 2021, Shropshire’s premier wellbeing festival bringing together some of the leading names in the holistic, psychic, environmental and wellbeing from around the UK and overseas. Over 100 exhibitors will come together to educate, enlighten and eng...

Contact: June Meagher +447446298661