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Cobweb sensations on the face and hands

By:Meg Tate
Date: Mon,12 Oct 2009

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I'm regularly experiencing a tingling sensation like cobwebs brushing my face and the backs of my hands. It has been happening for two or three months now. Am I becoming more sensitive to spirits making contact? If so, how would I find out more about what they are trying to communicate?
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Thankgod said:

Please I need help, I have experienced this cobwebs on my arms, face especially under my nose for years, these cobwebs are either visible on invisible (mostly invisible) I come accross this even in crowdy market places and wide express roads where people are constantly passing and since then my life has never remained thesame, I started to experience financial difficulties and badluck. This cobweb often crosses my nose every the I finished discussing business with somebody, this businesses are often hit wit badlucks or doesn't hold at all. I don't really understand what is happening this started when I wasat a very young age up until now,even without I asking, some seers will tell me I have a bright future that will come at a young age but now it understand what is happening. I have done very Profitable businesses in the past as a young boy but, I don't always get my own fair share of the business, I always get to hear one bad news or the other. This cobweb issue has increased, now I often feel it like tiny hairs on my face, sometimes like nets. My brothers are also having thesame issues. Please I need help. Thanks
Thu,17 Aug 2017,06:31:10 GMT

Aniel said:

Hi there,
Have also been feeling the cobwebs on me for years and do believe they are spirits and the feelings that our senses/brain relate them to are "cobwebs" since our mind always tries to put things in a "logical order". Is there any way to connect with one of the responders named johneblums ? He came across as so wise and connected...Thank you. :)
Thu,22 Jun 2017,23:15:29 GMT

Robert Gresak said:

Hi Meg,
It very well could be. As a long time meditator if I may suggest,
sit quietly and pose this question in your mind as well as verbalizing it. Do this seven times ( the number 7 is a very powerful spiritual number) and then clear you mind and sit for a couple of minutes more in silence then ask your guardian angel to assist; it does not matter if you know not his/her name, once you put your query 'out into the ether', as it were, that's all that matters./ The right thing will come at the right time once you have asked for help on a spiritual level; don't lose faith though, what you ask for may be quick in coming or it may take some time.
Mon,06 Mar 2017,15:04:43 GMT

Bob Clark said:

Please help... I have felt this feeling like a cobweb on my face and head. I was told by my friend who is a psychic that it is a nature spirit from the Fae realm trying to get my attention. It makes sense to me since I have always loved nature. Does anyone else associate this with nature spirits/ the faeries? It has been pretty much nonstop since a few months ago... very annoying....
Tue,31 Jan 2017,20:48:14 GMT

cecil said:

The cob-web sensation also started a little over a couple mnonths ago. I have amny profound experiences with wonderful guides for the last 15 years. This is new, wonderful and yet I am not getting distinct messages with it. Ocassionally I get the ear drum pressure shift or the ringing with the gossamer. In the last month I have been having dreams where I find myself in the state of spirit that I would be in after transition from this body. Nothing scary, but in the dream state I am definitely acting in another realm viewing this realm as a person deceased. Interpretation would be appreciated from this light worker. Blessings
Tue,18 Oct 2016,17:54:33 GMT

julie said:

i dont understand whats happening, just keep gettin a cobweeb felin on my left arm, as im hitin my arm to knock it away ther is nothin ther, but im gettin really weird stuff happenin wen im goin to sleep, like a loud radio all mucked up going round and round and lots of people talkin but a cant understand wots goin on xx
Thu,01 Nov 2012,03:05:38 GMT

patricia powell said:

hi, my name is patricia. i first contacted spirit guides in 2010. regardblumsing webs on my body , i have had for bout 5 or 6 possibly longer. anyway i had some positive feedback from john e blums. explaining my phenomena, and the only way i can explain my experiences since then is; i was very scared at times as it (cobweby feelings) grew even bigger finally where now although i still have these cobwebs i am now encircled in a lilac dome which moves around with me, when i am sending intense healings i am sometimes encircled in a white mist dome, and it feels very sacred to me. also bout 7 yrs ago i saw in clouds what looked like to me an weird looking elephant family only to be told its lord ganeshi very very sacred. however i saw nothing of lord ganesh until a few weeks ago i was looking for a kwan yin statue and came across a little lord ganesh statue, which immediately was drawn to and bought. on return home here was lord ganeshi in clouds which was witnessed also. i dont know as yet the meaning of it, i am r.c. although i dont practise, but ganeshi is hindu so im told anyway. shed some light anybody.? love n light pat. x
Wed,17 Oct 2012,03:20:46 GMT

Pomi said:

I get this webby feeling over my face and in my mouth whith an addition of a serene sedative feeling and all of it makes me feel like i'm closer to God/Goddess and I 'know' it is a psychic phenomena because I get information or knowing when it comes!! I had no idea others would be writing about it too, so decided to google "psychic webby feeling over face"and found this as well as some blogging on David Ickes site <3
Thu,04 Oct 2012,20:53:02 GMT

H R REDDY said:

I started getting cobweb feeling all over body and face particularly nose. After taking B complex capsules the feelings stopped.
Wed,11 Jul 2012,10:22:53 GMT

tony said:

i have been getting a fealing of cobwebs in my face and hands , but its bcomeing a real problem as it is becoming more and more please help
Tue,26 Oct 2010,15:10:58 GMT

johneblums said:

The 'Cob-Web' is a clue to it's Source and is synonymous with the word 'ME-SH' which is an abbrev for Ho-Me-Sh-eran. Sheran is another name for paradise Isle, Genesis, Utopia, Vesta Petra, Avelon, etc. However the word 'Sh-er-an' in its self reveals some alternative names for Father-Mother God-dess, based on egyptian history, as A-SHER+RHEA=RT. The 'R-T as in the word HEA-RT is an abbr for 'R-OO-T' the ancient meaning of "AN-NA". Thus the Root of the Tree of life or its genesis and foundation, which aligns with the human Root Chakra or as the Hearth=Vesta spiritual flame-fire that we call the kundalini energy. The web or mesh is eternal and can be felt in one's body as a tingle or wave sensation up-down one's body, especially when communication with that Source occurs. So now you should realise that you are connected with your divine genesis home and that the ‘mesh’ is also a major component of your soul-spirit aura, ie the ‘Ray of First Cause’ or the ‘Causel Body’.
Tue,26 Oct 2010,13:42:22 GMT

patricia powell said:

hi there john, its me again, sorry, thank you very much for your replys john, understood some things but not sure were im going with it all , i havnt been attuned to kundallini reiki , do you think its something like that?, john i did used to feel the muscles move in my upper back, few months ago that now seems to have passed, any more on this cobwebby pheunonomyn? i still have it . do you think eventually it will go john/ and will i find out its true purpose, be grateful for any info you can pass to me. thanks for your help john and for taking the time out with me god bless you. love and light to you, pat.
Tue,26 Oct 2010,01:03:45 GMT

johneblums said:

Patricia, A post script. As you are working "hand in hand" with the Throne Realm of divinity, a you will eventually go beyond this point/ source of this divine light of spirit, into the mystic realm of Black Velvet Light which is the cosmic cocoon/crysalis in which all creation is embedded. However its source point is also the source of the divine light. For many entrance to this beautiful God-dess realm of "Divine Night" can be a fearful experience where some call it the realm of "Dark Shadows. This the actual Alpha-Omega or Zero-Point of Genesis and the God-dess trinity Sphere. Black is the absolute and most great and gracious colour of God-dess. In this realm One of my auric vestment and that of others is like a black monks gown and cowls with three gold conncentric circle on each long sleeve. This is also know as the celestial High Court of Divine Justices, though there is no judgement as in a physical understanding. Love the Black and the white and then you will understand the meaning of the symbol of a Black and White Feather which Arkhe-Angels possess as symbols of divine rays of physical and spiritual cosmic creations.
Sat,16 Oct 2010,08:24:49 GMT

johneblums said:

Dear Patrica, My spirit guides are showing me that your auric soul/spirit body that your physical is encased in, is connecting through your hands to the Mother-Father "God-dess" ethereal realm, where you are 'touching' the hands of those spirit beings that dwell in paradise with God-dess. I use to feel similar motions and energies through my hands. You have in particular a very strong spirit female guide or overshadower and she is you connection/doorway to divine wisdom, ellumenation and One-ness with God-dess. There is also a spirit gentle-man behind her who will be coming into you knowingness, and he has a very heavenly fatherly smile. I will not mention these celestial beings identities for they have many as pects and names. Thirdly you will meet the "Grand'" gentleman' twin Celestial Ver-Gen-isis wife. You may already know them , but by earthly name's from history. Sweet Dreams !!!! Your time has come to know yourself in heaven. !!!
Sat,16 Oct 2010,07:48:08 GMT

patricia powell said:

hi there john, thank you. for that imformation, i really appreciate that you took the time too, as i said been trying for few years to find out what this substance is. i can actually see it and i need to pull it off my body as it sort of gets stuck. but i know for a fact it zooms right back onto my body. could you please enlighten me somemore about it john please,what its purpose is?, what, if any way it can be used for, in order to help people even more so.? is it unique? why me?, i know this may sound bizzare john, but if i hold out my palms up to the stars , they sort of like dance from side to side, move around and sparkle brightly. it truly is amazing, i have witnessess to this,though at times i think i frighten people with it also. anyway john i would be very grateful for anymore tou can explain to me , or even if theres a good site i could go on. thank you so much john, i send you love and gods beautifol light. bless you, pat. liverpool.
Thu,14 Oct 2010,03:11:34 GMT

johneblums said:

COB-WEBS or SPIDERS-WEBS over your body is also a symbol of the cosmic ethereal spiritual mesh or aura that you are connected with all around us and also re-integrating into like a "spider-wo-man". This Web is composed of all the invisible God-dess rays of creation as well as the light bands of the rainbow , , perlescent and Krystal luminosities.
Wed,13 Oct 2010,02:04:26 GMT

patricia powell said:

Wed,06 Oct 2010,17:37:52 GMT


Tue,22 Jun 2010,12:16:41 GMT


i have been touching by cobweb in my hands,face,and legs. i dont understand why it is happen in my life? i want to know that cobweb is causing my problems or block my future in life. please i need your help to prevent those evil cobweb and solve my problems.
Tue,22 Jun 2010,12:13:27 GMT

obeng samuel said:

i have been experiencing cobwebs in my face, hands and legs and i want to know the spirit causing it
Mon,19 Apr 2010,10:46:37 GMT

obeng samuel said:

i have been experiencing cobwebs in my face, hands and legs and i want to know the spirit causing it
Mon,19 Apr 2010,10:42:31 GMT

Victoria Dennison said:

I have experienced that. I have heard from many that it is the touch of a spirit. Many people experience it. From people who experience it during meditation and associate it with energy attained by reaching higher realms to Mediums associating it with touch, to ritual magicians who just associate it with energy. I have been touched by a spirit, which felt like the touch of a hand, and I have been encircled with love and comfort from a Spirit. I have also experienced the other spider webby feeling. As a matter of fact I witnessed it on my hand and arm. I felt tingly, and lit a candle in a dark room and a little of the candle wax fell on my hand, and I saw a black web withdraw from the heat and dematerialize. Creepy, scarey. That was associated with a negative haunt.....others say they experience it and it is not a negative experience at all. But, due to my experience, when I do feel it occassionally, I pass my own hand over the area with white light and project white energy from my body through my pores for cleansing. But, that is because I saw the darn black webbing and it scared me, as it was so alien. I'd rather be touched by the hand of spirit, than thrown an electrical current......
Thu,05 Nov 2009,04:29:32 GMT

V said:

I have recently experienced the feeling as if I have just walked into cobwebs. The first two times it was across my face and arms, and the third time last week it felt like something touched my hand as well as the feeling of webs. I keep checking for actual webs, but there is nothing. Can someone tell me what this is, or what it means? It only happens in my place of work.
Fri,30 Oct 2009,21:12:03 GMT

Polly said:

Hi Mag, I get that feeling when I am meditating and my guide is near.

Polly xx
Tue,27 Oct 2009,22:47:56 GMT

richard said:

Spirit are just letting you know they are there and it may not
be spirit
You may be just feeling the energy around you
Sun,18 Oct 2009,15:44:26 GMT
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